DHS College Incentive for People Living Illegally in America

PolitiChicks.comRecently Mr. David North at the Center for Immigration Studies released information that the Department of Homeland Security is going to be expanding their Optional Practice Training Program. The OPT is a governmental program that operates in two very direct and effective ways. It sanctions illegal alien college students to gain a work permit that allows them to remain in this country after graduation while also allocating lucrative financial incentives for business owners to hire them. As it stands now guidelines for the OPT state that all illegal alien college students are automatically given a one year work permit to stay in the United States after they graduate. But if their degree is in the STEM field of Math, Science, Engineering, or Technology they receive an additional 17 months on their work permit, no questions asked.

The new changes are part of an executive order on immigration that President Obama signed into law last November and further extends work permits for college graduates that are living in the United States under illegal status. The extension so graciously extended to these illegals gives them the unprecedented 36 months to work in this country.

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“The Obama administration proposal makes the OPT program, for recent alien college grads, even more of a catastrophe than it is already, “according to Mr. North.

The second part of this initiative it to benefit any employer who hires an illegal college grad over a legal college grad equals to equals well, other than the legal part. Business entities that employ an illegal get quite the financial windfall because they do not have to pay any Social Security, Medicare, or taxes of any type on the employees IRS filing. This most lucrative financial benefit to American companies can be worth up to $12,000 per illegal American educated employee.   This is a hard pill for legal American citizens to swallow.

As Mr. David North correctly points out, “This just means that still more resident workers will be denied jobs in favor of the OPT grads, because employers do not have to pay Social Security and Medicare taxes on students. This definitional twist will now be worth as much as $12,000 for the employer who chooses the OPT grad rather than somebody else.”

Obviously this is detrimental to the future professions of legal (there is that cumbersome little word again) graduates by raping them of opportunity and position but moreover it dampens the spirit of higher education. As if that slap in the face to our young people were not enough the OPT simultaneously takes money, and lots of it, right out of the Geriatric crowds’ limited income pockets. Twelve thousand dollars is a lot of money that cannot be taxed or collected each time an alien is hired and could provide many meals for the aged and fill endless prescriptions for the elderly. But oh no, we cannot factor that into the equation because it makes too much sense. Do you see how this Bleeding Heart Posse of ignorance (Democrats) convolutes life at every turn while standing on their ideology soap box that never holds water. They are such an exasperating waste of time and energy.

Going to college at any age is a huge expense and a grand undertaking at any point in life’s journey. The personal choice and sacrifice of a higher education is embarked upon with goals of knowledge, a degree, and of course, fruitful employment. But this DHS deal puts legal Americans at such a disadvantage from every angle that it is quite frankly, unbelievable.

The Liberal Left and their non-stop drive to control people and create a communist society has never worked and never will. How is their war on drugs working? How is the war on poverty coming along? President Obama brought the war on race back into the front lines and a brand new war, a war on being financially successful, you know rich, anther dirty little word. How is that working out? And of course now the 21st century war Obummer’s war on legal citizens and the war on women which will be in full swing by the time Hillary rocks her moment at the Democrat Convention.

This DHS college deal is another move from the President in his role as Robin Hood, inciting more people to flee their countries and live here illegally. It is a negative pull on legal people and a major unfair disadvantage to honest hard working business owners. It should stand the completely opposite way around. Give financial benefit to the legal graduates and the legal business owners. Does it really take a rocket scientist or a Federal department to figure this out?

Because at the end of each business day and with the preparation of financial statements that show up at fiscal year end, making money is the bottom line for a company or they go out of business. Small business as we all know is the wheel of this country. If a company employs 20 people for instance, do the math. Not having to pay $240,000 in taxes is an insurmountable enticement.  A business is accounted for in financial cycles. It is not personal it is business and there are not many resumes that can outshine $12,000 per year, per employee.

A liberal Federal government is a most repugnant government. They mistakenly think they have a responsibility to tell private citizens what to do and how to live their lives because we are either too stupid or morally lacking to handle our own affairs.

No, as usual they are wrong.

Never ever forget the great words from the cool and correct President Ronald Reagan: “Well, the trouble with our liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.”

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