Benghazi Hearing and Unanswered Questions

PolitiChicks.comSince Hillary Clinton claimed she and Christopher Stevens were such good friends, so much so that he was handpicked for the Ambassador position in Benghazi, I have many questions for her that were never answered during the Benghazi hearing.

Why were Americans placed in the volatile Benghazi embassy in the first place?  Hillary claims she was not responsible for security, but who was? As Secretary of State, one would assume she ultimately makes the decisions about the safety and security of anyone under her rank. So why weren’t our Americans given the security they obviously needed?

Knowing our Americans were stationed in such a dangerous area, why did she not respond to Stevens’ calls for increased security? Not once, but allegedly 600 requests were sent asking for more security.   According to Clinton’s testimony, she received none of them.

Why were guns going into Libya for the rebels and then into Syria? Allen West has this information on Operation Zero Footprints:  

We know Operation Zero Footprint was the covert transfer of weapons from the U.S to the Libyan “rebels”. We also know the operation avoided the concerns with congressional funding, and potential for public scrutiny, through financing by the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

We also know that officials within the government of Qatar served as the intermediaries for the actual transfer of the weapons, thereby removing the footprint of the U.S. intervention.

We know the entire operation was coordinated and controlled by the State Department and CIA. We also know (from the Senate Foreign Relations Benghazi hearings) that “Zero Footprint” was unknown to the 2011 Pentagon and/or DoD commanders who would have been tasked with any military response to the 9/11/12 attack – namely AFRICOM General Carter Ham.

Who gave the orders to our military and CIA agents to stand down?

Here’s what I believe happened.  The Benghazi attack occurred 53 days before the presidential election and Obama wasn’t going to allow the brutal slaughter of 4 Americans to cause him to lose the election. Remember the slogan, “Bin Laden is dead and Al‘Qaeda is on the run”?  Allowing people to know the truth about Benghazi would not look good so close to an election.  Many believe Stevens may have discovered what was happening with the gun running and he became a liability.  The attack on the Benghazi embassy was proof that Clinton and Obama’s foreign policy was not working. Why else would they refuse to help before and during the attack?  


After the Benghazi hearing, Hillary laughed gleefully as she left the courtroom for a break.  This was grossly disrespectful; she could have at least feigned decorum and respect.  Instead her behavior can only be described as disgusting.

Gowdy has it right:  It is not about you, Hillary Clinton, not one iota. Unfortunately her fan club has members as narcissistic as she is.

Hillary, the American people are not fooled by your constant lies.  The family members of the deceased are not fooled, either.  My prayer is that this is not over and there will be more revelations in the weeks and months to come.


Barbara Cook

Barbara J. Cook (Cookie) is enjoying living in the panhandle of Florida educating special needs children in a middle school (ask her about it sometime!). In order to de-stress, Barbara runs, reads, and writes, and yes, she cooks too: (that's another reason she runs!) She lives with her Mr. Cookie and chickens, dogs, cats and various others. Growing up in Europe as a child and spending several years as a military wife, Cookie learned to appreciate and respect diversity in people choosing to live by the phrase, agree to disagree. What is important to Cookie is family, faith, and fun. Cookie is involved in PolitiChicks because she says 'if we don't, who will?' Visit her website at: and

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