An Argument for Hillary Clinton on the New Ten-Dollar Bill (P.S. God Help Us.

PolitiChicks.comAlexander Hamilton’s ousting from the ten-dollar bill is a most telling sign of our times. He is a figure of the old times, the man who spearheaded the effort to get the United States out of debt and the new government running within its constitutional bounds. Although he disagreed with much of the Constitution, he believed firmly in the limited powers of a federal government. He wrote most of the Federalist Papers, all the while believing that its giving the common citizen the powers that it did would eventually lead them to destroy the government with mutations that would result in overbearing government powers and debt. Today we know he was right.

So, who is the proper female for today’s ten dollar bill? It would not be the romantic and credible figures many are now proposing.

Like Hamilton was, she should be person representative of today’s current political situation. Unlike Hamilton, she has to be a person who disregards the biggest debt in history, our $18 trillion dollar debt, and charges into the future with more debt and continual raises of the debt ceiling.

Unlike Hamilton, she has to be a person who shirks their official duties and uses their office for personal financial gain, as most of Congress now does.

As the times of “I cannot tell a lie” George Washington fade into the bleached-out pages of our politically correct history books, it has to be a person who knows how to reframe questions and respond to them, rather than answer them, and works in concert with her doting media cohorts to transmit her calculated messages to the gullible public.

In today’s arena, political craft is more important than the old days where honesty and honoring your oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution were important.

Now, add to that how my nominee’s Doctorate of Machiavellian tactics were delivered to us in blatant terms as the subpoenaed Rose Law Billing Records magically appeared after the statute of limitations on the case had expired.

That said, there is no better face of today’s ten dollar bill than Hillary Clinton, the emblematic woman of today’s political times.

God Help Us.

Steven Maikoski

Steven Maikoski is an avid constitutionist, speaker, and writer of the tactical book “Arguing for the Constitution.” In that book he explains his belief that since the Constitution is the foundation of all law, it should be the foundation of all political measurements. He worked for a time with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and other political influence groups, and has done photography at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs for 35 years. He currently lives in La Palma, California.

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