Protect Life Rally in Oklahoma

PolitiChicks.comThis very popular slogan “It’s time to take back America!” makes me roll my eyes and shake my head. How’s your neighborhood? Did you take that back yet? How is your local precinct, where your neighbors all vote together. Did you take that back yet? How about your city, your county, your state? Have you pushed back tyranny and said “NO!” to unlawful and contradictory rules and laws? Do you even have the guts to disobey the stupid stickers on the glass doors that say “No guns allowed”? Clearly our 2nd Amendment – the actual law of the land – says otherwise. Take a stand like Coach Kennedy that is praying after the game in Bremerton, who doesn’t care what the school told him because he knows the 1st Amendment protects his right to do so.

Have you ever done one act of civil disobedience in the face of injustice? Do you even know who your representatives are, or have their phone numbers and email addresses? Are you going to be the one to make something happen, or are you just going to post flags and such on Facebook and pat yourself on the back for being patriotic?

Will Donald Trump win the 2024 election?

PoliitiChicks.comWhat is your plan to take back America if you don’t even require your local school district to stop teaching children values that oppose their own parents? Have you even discussed that with the teacher? If you do, let me tell you how that will go. The teacher will say he has to do what the principal says. The principal will say he has to do what the superintendent says. The superintendent will say he has to do what the school board says. The school board will say, we can only spend the money the way the state dept. of education says. The state DOE will say they have to qualify for the national grant or we’ll lose 10% of our funding. So some weird guy named Dave known as the architect of Common Core now has more influence on your neighborhood than you do. They have forgotten they work for you.

Remember that distant philosophy when We the People were called to be the government rather than having an oligarchy or a king. That all flies out the window when we allow a federal judge or justice to interfere in what We the People in a state have voted. Judges give opinion. They do not write law. (Try not to lose focus here if you are in favor of gay marriage. The topic is about the power of the people versus another form of government). California voted several times against gay marriage, but it was forced on them anyway. They did nothing about it. So the tyranny spread like wildfire and now a handful of people are telling the people what they must do. No one has done anything about it. That is pretty much the way it goes for any principled argument you have until we take a real stand. Law abiding people are told to sit down and shut up by these men and women in black robes. That is not the way these United States were intended to operate. Nationalism is the wrong direction, and we must stop that stinking thinking. We have ignored our way right out of our form of government. Wake up. Wake your neighbors up. We must give our children a heritage of freedom, and nothing else matters until that is accomplished. Take responsibility of talking to your neighbor. Be that person who says, “That is NOT what you campaigned on” to your legislators who go astray.

The solution lies in having your neighborhood back up that teacher , or representative, or advocate who WILL stand on principle and that will buck the system. Be that person. It will require your time, but please… you took the time to repost “take back America” how many times now? Show up and do something! There will be others who join you and you will probably find others already working towards this goal.

In Oklahoma, we can watch our legislative sessions via live stream or in person. You can just go sit in the gallery any time, and it’s a good idea to do so. We can also read bills online and be notified when something happens on a bill we are following. We can listen in on interim studies. Find out what is available in your state and if it’s not good, push for open records and open meetings.

Most of our Representatives and Senators will give you their cell phone numbers because nobody ever calls them! When they know you will research a topic for them and give them solid and accurate information, they are grateful. They don’t magically become experts on every topic upon election. Either you can educate them on things that matter to you, or the lobbyists will. We the People must stay engaged.

The United States of America is supposed to be 50 separate governments that unite upon occasion when we need to interact to accomplish a specific purpose. Everything else is reserved for the States and the People. For instance, Oklahomans vote pro-life. A federal judge or even a supreme court justice has no authority to tell us we must kill babies here, except that our state officials have no guts to just say no. Our Ten Commandments monument was removed last week, as if that could possibly be an issue. The Supreme Court building itself has the Ten Commandments engraved in stone.

This week, Oklahoma Christians and other like-minded people who believe in the right for our State to resist unlawful opinions by activist judges will gather for a rally to #ProtectLifeandMarriageOK. It is time to say “NO!” to the encroaching tyranny, state by state, county by county, precinct by precinct, neighbor by neighbor, individual by individual starting with you. You can do this! If killing babies to harvest their organs doesn’t wake you up, you are in a coma or you’re already dead.

Activism is bubbling up in Oklahoma. We have a group of pastors, business leaders and activists ready to rally and push back. Hopefully, this will have a ripple effect and make it easier for other states. Unfortunately our governor (who plays a conservative on TV, but wants to develop a communist global workforce in reality) does not support this yet but she has been known to be persuaded. You are more than welcome to join us at the Protect Life and Marriage Rally at the Oklahoma State Capitol on October 25th at 4:00!

PolitiChicks founder, Ann-Marie Murrell, was able to come to Oklahoma and participate in some good old Oklahoma activism. You will see her in the following video promo for our upcoming rally to overcome the allegiance to nationalism and give back the voice to We the People. Thousands of Oklahomans have spoken. We will NOT stay silent any longer while unborn children continue to be killed and our constitutional authority is ignored by Washington. Please spread the word and let’s tell the Oklahoma legislature that we demand action! ‪#‎ProtectLife What a great place to start!

Julia Seay

Julia Seay was instrumental in eliminating Common Core from the state of Oklahoma via Restore Oklahoma Public Education. She is a Christian wife and mother who worked in courtrooms and conference rooms, until motherhood gave me a love for home-based business. Julia became involved in her local public school system and was formerly on the board of Restore Oklahoma Public Education, dedicated to affect education legislation. Julia is currently on the board of Gateway Women's Resource Center, a non-profit ministryW. Both of Julia's organizations can be found on Facebook. Follow Julia on Twitter: @juliaseay

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