Mass Shootings Not Limited to U.S.

There has been a lot of talk about mass school shootings lately.  Despite what we’re hearing from the left, they are not limited to the United States but share more than one commonality.

As the following graphic clearly indicates, this is an ongoing problem.  The table lists the worldwide mass and school shootings from 1996 to the present.
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All of these mass shootings have happened in countries and states that have outlawed the ownership or use of guns for self-protection.  Similarly all of the shooters had been medicated using psychotropic drugs.  Did the use of said medicines cause or delay such shootings?  Unfortunately this is an impossible study to conduct.  (Read HERE for another timeline on worldwide mass shootings.)

Additional anti-gun legislation will not prevent mass homicides. They have happened in the most highly regulated states, cities, counties in the entire world.

Equally tragic, when first responder’s arrive they are typically too late.  For example, at Sandy Hook Elementary School, in Newtown, CT, the first call to 911 was around 9:35 am. Newtown 911 police dispatch first broadcast that there was a shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary (SHES) at 9:36 am, about thirty seconds after they received the first call.  Connecticut State Police (CSP) were dispatched at 9:37 am.

Newtown police arrived at the school street at 9:39 a.m., approximately four and a half minutes after the 911 call.  Connecticut State Police arrived at the school street at 9:46 a.m.

Newtown police first entered the school at 9:45 am, approximately ten minutes after the first 911 call and approximately fourteen minutes after the shooting had started. This was approximately five minutes after the last shot was heard.  No shots were fired by the police.


Jim Campbell

Jim Campbell was a propaganda writer during the Viet Nam war. He is currently an NRA pistol instructor, a strict adherent to the Constitution, an Oath Keeper, and a full-time writer and patriot.

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