Columbus Day: Celebrating the “New World”!“You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.” ~ Christopher Columbus

In 1492 when Christopher Columbus set to sail the ocean blue he would have Pedro Alonso Nino navigate the Santa Maria. Pedro Alonso Nino (also known as El Negro) was born in Palos de Moguer, Spain around 1468. A member of the famed “Nino brothers,” Pedro Alonso would learn the trade of sailing as a young boy off the coast of Africa. The four Nino brothers (Pedro Alonso, Francisco, Juan and one other) were already sailors with prestige and experience in Atlantic travels before participating in Columbus’ first voyage to the New World. Per, Alice Bache Gould, Nueva Lista Documentada De Los Tripulantes De Colon En 1492, Juan Nino was the owner of the ship the Nina and Francisco Nino was the sailor of that ship.

The Ninos brothers took part as well in Columbus’ second and third voyages. Between 1499 and 1501 the Nino brothers traveled on their own account with the merchants Cristobal and Luis Guerra, following Columbus’ second route voyage to the Gulf of Paria on the South American mainland in what is now Venezuela. Pedro Alonso Nino would return to Spain in 1499 loaded with treasure but was quickly arrested based on the accusation that he had cheated the King out of his portion of the spoils. Pedro Alonso Nino would die in 1505 before the conclusion of his trial. Francisco Nino, the youngest brother, became appointed mayor of Puerto de Caballos, now Puerto Cortes, Honduras.

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As we prepare to celebrate Columbus Day the political correctness of the holiday continues to ad nauseum . On October 6th of last year, the Seattle City Council unanimously voted to celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day on the same day as the federally recognized Columbus Day. This year the cities Berkeley and Minneapolis have also decided to scrap Columbus Day in favor of Indigenous People’s Day.

Indigenous People’s Day, seriously? The PC police do not want you to say Merry Christmas or wave the American flag because these things might offend and now this. I take this as clear evidence that political correctness has indeed run amuck.

It takes so little courage to argue and judge and rule against a man and a voyage that happened 523 years ago.

It takes a lot of courage to set sail into the unknown waters as Christopher Columbus and the Nino brothers did and risk life, fame and fortune to discover a New World. Neither Christopher Columbus nor the Nino brothers were perfect people, and neither are we. Woe be to us and the scholars that would judge our actions today, 500 hundred plus years from now. What Christopher Columbus and the Nino brothers were, was brave. God bless them for having the courage to take that great voyage and may God forever bless America!

Happy Columbus Day!

Karen Watson

Texas PolitiChick Karen Watson is the Founder and President of, an Internet portal for Republican events nationwide, Karen Watson has written and self-published her first book, Being Black and Republican in the Age of Obama. While a high school student in 1984, Watson attended her first Republican National Convention to nominate Reagan/Bush and has remained active in the Republican Party. As a keynote speaker at various Tea Party and Republican clubs, and as a guest on radio and television, Watson communicates her message that "conservative values are the right values for all Americans, regardless of race or gender". Karen, a native Texan, opened Karen Watson Mortgage in 2004 and currently serves the real estate community in North Texas. She is in the final edit stages of her second book, 'How the Democrats stole the black vote and How the Republicans can win it back.'

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