Day: October 24, 2015

Ted Cruz Ramps up Campaign in Iowa with 100 Days left

Ted Cruz crisscrossed Iowa on a five-stop campaign event swing through the state as he continues to build a strong support amongst Republican voters.

Fact Checking Hillary

Amb. Stevens wrote more than 700 e-mails requesting aid, Hillary Clinton deigned to less than 70 responses over the critical 1 year period. No help came.

Anni Cyrus: Nightmare of Being a Woman Under Islam

Anni Cyrus shares a Nightmare of Being a Woman Under Islam, telling a heart-wrenching true story.

Movie Review: Bridge of Spies (4 Out of 5 Stars)

Holly Woodland's review of the new movie, 'Bridge of Spies'.

Daniel Greenfield: Merkel’s Muslim Madness

Merkel’s allies claim that she deserves the Nobel Prize. Hitler and Stalin were both nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.