Day: October 19, 2015

Six GOP Hopefuls Hit Texas in Race for White House

The race for the White House came to Texas as six Republican hopefuls made their appeal to thousands of evangelicals at Prestonwood Baptist Church.

Morgan Brittany: Observations From Behind Enemy Lines (at the Democrat Debate)

Morgan Brittany chronicles her experiences as the sole PolitiChick covering the first Democrat debate in Las Vegas.

University Replaces PhysEd With Mandatory “PC” Class That Will Make Your Head Spin

Apparently, students at the University of Notre Dame just weren't getting enough “political correctness” education so now it's being forced on them.

The Fake Falling Deficit and the Phony Unemployment Drop

The good news is unemployment continues to decline. The bad news is that doesn't mean you'll have a job as the joblessness rate also continues to decline.

New Films Reveal Hamas’s War Crimes and Israel’s Innocence.

Filmmaker Pierre Rehov makes the case for Israel and exposes the libel and lies.