Day: October 18, 2015

SNL NAILS Democrat Debate!

A super-smug Anderson Cooper. An insecure, egomaniacal Hillary Clinton. Larry David as Bernie Sanders. Need we say more? (Epic.)

Russia’s ‘Holy War’ on the Islamic State

Daniel Greenfield discusses Russia’s 'Holy War’ on the Islamic State, shedding light on whether Putin’s military action in Syria is about fighting ISIS.

Central Banks: The Problem or the Solution?

The recent Jackson Hole Summit asked if Central Banks are the problem or the solution. After watching this video, you will know the answer.

“Woodlawn” – A Movie with the Power to Change Our Nation

Every once in awhile, a movie comes along that can impact, even define, a generation. Woodlawn is such a film.

Former Olympian: Eating for a Long Day at Work

Former Olympian Sarah Condor offers advice about eating for a long day at work--and beyond.