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Day: October 8, 2015

“The Kardashians- Americas First Family….” of Sex

The Kardashians have been chosen by Cosmopolitan magazine as 'America's First Family'. Morgan Brittany has a few words to say about this strange decision.

Ex-Muslim Nonie Darwish Schools Islamic Lobbyist About Islamic “Taqiyya”

Islamic lobbyist Saba Ahmed & ex-Muslim Nonie Darwish went toe-to-toe about the Islamic practice of taqiyya.

Movie Review: “The Martian” (4-1/2 Stars Out of 5)

Holly Woodland's review of "The Martian".

Colorado GOP Hires New Exec Director (But What About Ted Harvey?)

The Colorado GOP announced that Ryan Lynch will be the party’s new exec director, but what happened to former state senator Ted Harvey?