Day: October 7, 2015

U.S. Senate Candidate Tom Del Beccaro Announces Details of Flat Tax Plan

CA U.S. Senate candidate Tom Beccaro outlined his endorsement of a national flat tax plan.

After Rubio Discusses Economic Plans for NY, Audience Q&A Turns Ugly

After discussing how to improve the NY economy, an unidentified man asked Marco Rubio personal questions alleging money impropriety and infidelity.

NYT Tabloid-like Hit Piece on Melania Trump Riddled with Errors and Innuendos

Recently the Fashion and Style section of the NYT ran a hit piece about Melania Trump. The society editor had to issue six retractions. SIX.

Culture of Disrespect and Murder

Disrespectful adults raising children results in a disrespectful, narcissist culture full of children who have zero respect for those in authority.