Nashville NFRA Conference: Trump Wins Straw Poll, Cruz Wins Endorsement
Donald Trump (Photo credit: Ann-Marie Murrell)

Energetic political figures and activists, including presidential candidate Donald Trump, spoke to an enthusiastic crowd at the 2015 NFRA Convention in Nashville August 29th. The National Federation of Republican Assemblies is a grassroots movement of Republicans that seeks to “restore the conservative principles of the Goldwater/Reagan Republicans back to smaller government, lower taxation, a strong defense, free market capitalism and a reverence for that most fundamental of all ‘unalienable’ rights, Life; all life.”

Saturday morning began with a panel discussion led by national radio and television host Steve Gill featuring PolitiChicks anchors and authors of “What Women Really Want“, Ann-Marie Murrell and Morgan Brittany. Ann-Murrell had the audience laughing when asked if she saw any candidates running out of money or dropping out in the next 6 weeks. “Oh absolutely… but one thing I admire about Lindsay Graham–what an ego he must have to even be running in this election!”  Morgan Brittany predicts when it all shakes out we will end up with Trump, Rubio, Cruz, and possibly Carson. Morgan also pointed out that Ann-Marie is a former Democrat, and “sometimes former Democrats turn into the most awesome incredible Conservatives because they see the light; they’ve been on both sides of the fence and they know whats right!” These ladies certainly warmed up the crowd before Donald Trump was introduced.

Trump was welcomed by thousands of supporters, many waving Trump signs. He welcomed Beeda, a 92-year old Knoxville, Tennessee resident who told him this is the first time she has ever registered to vote, stating, “We are a country going down hill fast.”  Trump said, “I think she is going to vote for me!”

Trump stated he plans to re-build our military making America “so strong we won’t even need to use them.” He said it is a disgrace how our military and veterans cannot get the medical attention they need and this is no way to treat our finest people and that will change under his leadership. “By the way, we will repeal and replace Obamacare,” he added, followed by cheers.

Trump stated that it is “disgraceful” how the Tea Party has been treated by the Obama Administration and the media.  He went on to criticize the Ford Motor Company for recently announcing they will locate their company in Mexico rather than staying in Tennessee and he has a plan to bring these jobs back to America. Trump, stating what a terrible negotiator Obama is, said, “Obama obviously never read my book ‘The Art Of The Deal.'”

Speaking almost 90 minutes, Trump seemed quite comfortable and confident onstage. As one of Donald Trump’s long-time staffers told me,   “The Donald Trump you saw behind the podium is the real Donald Trump. He is comfortable with himself and he is just who he is.”

Other speakers at the NFRA Convention were Babette Holder (“The Conservative Holder”), who gave a moving speech on “All Lives Matter.” She offered compelling statistics and asked where are the Black Lives Matter leaders when millions of black babies have been aborted, and when a living baby with a beating heart is having it’s brain harvested for profit.

Star Parker shared her life story in which she went from welfare to public service. She said all the lies of the left we hear today are the same lies she heard and believed 30 years ago. “America is racist; the poor are poor because the wealthy are wealthy; my problems are someone else fault…” Star talked about how she got out of the welfare system, put herself through college and opened her own business. After her business was destroyed in the 1992 riots, she began work in social policy and reform. She says she is now “making sure her grandchildren are not exposed to those same lies.”

Trevor Loudon never fails to energize and inspire and he encouraged the audience to seek out those Candidates who are true Constitutionalist’s, and to choose the one who will most fire up their base. He warned if the Republicans lose the next election the Democrat Party will resolve the Southern border and import millions more from the Middle East and “swamp us forever.” He stated the Democrat Party does not intend to give up their power ever again: “They are controlled by the unions and the unions are controlled by the Communists.” He says the 2016 election is our last chance to take America back.

Donald Trump won the NFRA straw poll easily with 52% of the vote. Cruz came in 2nd with 24% and Carson came in 3rd.  (It should be noted all candidates were invited and either declined or backed out before the Convention.)  And after a few recounts led by tireless organizer Sharon Ford, the NFRA delegates endorsed Sen. Ted Cruz for the 2016 presidential elections.

Brenda Collins Morris

Georgia PolitiChick Brenda Collins Morris is a military wife, mom, conservative, proud unapologetic American! She has campaigned for conservative candidates, supports the Wounded Warrior Project, and served on a Critical Incident Response Team assisting people in the aftermath of tragedies such as 9/11. Brenda believes our Constitution is disregarded as Progressives, through the Democrat Party, strive to establish Socialism in America. She also believes our national security is being threatened by radical Islam, which is infiltrating the highest levels of our government, financial and educational institutions. Brenda says just as President Reagan believed in 'peace through strength' she believes we need leadership in a Washington D.C. that believes in and supports that principle, as well as respect and protect the interests of our military members and their families. Brenda's father is a WWII Veteran, and she believes our military deserve our gratitude and respect. Brenda was born and raised in Kentucky and currently resides in Georgia.

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