Hillary Still Can’t Name Number One Accomplishment As Sec Of State

PolitiChicks.comHillary Clinton thinks she had deftly moved away from the question at hand, “Name one accomplishment when you served as Secretary of State.”

The simple answer is she has none.  Hillary’s campaign is over, but her handlers can’t seem to bring themselves to tell her.

Which Candidate Do You Support in the Republican Primaries?

Does the White House need another pathological liar and psychopath like Obama in the White House? Hardly, it’s time for a fiscal conservative who will reign in government spending, by cutting agencies with duplicate mission statements and begin outsourcing as many jobs as possible to the private sector. Using said approach the federal government could be cut in half, and that would be just a start.

It was interesting to here Clinton say, “I’m going to wait and let the Republicans pick their nominee.”

How gracious of her, as if she had any choice in the matter.  She’s got the fake smile working for her, but Hillary could be no more disingenuous when she says she is “Looking forward to the debates.”

Among her many crimes going all the way back to being First Lady in Arkansas, Benghazi is her biggest scandal and she will not be able to dodge it. Her competition will be all over her like a cheap suit.

Jim Campbell

Jim Campbell was a propaganda writer during the Viet Nam war. He is currently an NRA pistol instructor, a strict adherent to the Constitution, an Oath Keeper, and a full-time writer and patriot.

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