Few Women (or Men) Attend “Women for Hillary” Event

Hillary Clinton spoke early Thursday morning to a mostly empty house in an event called “Women for Hillary,” at the Columbus Athenaeum downtown.

Ed Henry tweeted:

Is her failure to gather a crowd a big surprise?  Not in the least.  Both men and women have begun to lose interest in her campaign as it continues its rapid ascent into the abyss.  Hillary is a known pathological liar.  When she lies, she makes up more lies to cover them and in doing so begins to believe they are true.

Remember landing under gunfire on the tarmac in Bosnia?

Chelsea allegedly jogging near the Twin Towers during the attacks on 9-11-01 when she was actually in the apartment with a friend?

Of course there is Benghazi and Hillary’s refusal to testify honestly on that matter, telling the world that the attack was the result of a video made by an individual identified as Nakoula Basseley Nakoula (who remains the only person sentenced to jail).

A Hillary Clinton Presidency would do nothing to turn America around economically, rebuild our military, and/or put Americans back to work.  To the contrary, any  progressive candidate the D.N.C. would put forward would be equally bad in dealing with our countries woes.

Jim Campbell

Jim Campbell was a propaganda writer during the Viet Nam war. He is currently an NRA pistol instructor, a strict adherent to the Constitution, an Oath Keeper, and a full-time writer and patriot.

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