Day: September 11, 2015

On 9/11: What Jimmy Carter Started Obama Completed

What Jimmy Carter started, Obama completed. Carter lost Iran, Obama lost the world.

Rick Perry Ends Presidential Bid With ‘No Regrets’

Days before the 2nd Presidential debate, former Tx. Gov. Rick Perry became the first Republican to end his bid for the White House.

Benghazi Select Committee: Are We Unhappy, Mr. Schiff?

Ca Dem. Adam Schiff has been an insulting hinderance more than a help to the Benghazi Select Committee. Michael Ingmire says, 'Time to step down, Schiff.'

Since 9-11 — The Final Crusade

Muslims have been waging holy war against America over 50 years. Isolated terrorist attacks have been escalating since 9-11 into something more menacing.

The Passing of Time in a Post-9/11 America

The Class of 2016 will never know a pre-9/11 America with insane airport security & threats of suicide bombers at major events.