Day: September 10, 2015

Few Women (or Men) Attend “Women for Hillary” Event

Few women--or men--showed up for a 'Women for Hillary' event Thursday in Ohio.

Communism vs. Capitalism in China

China is defined lately as “Communism with Chinese characteristics”. What this means, essentially, is Capitalism

SOS – The HR Clinton Ship is Sinking Fast   

Admitting to lying and hoping an apology is enough, is the HR Clinton ship finally sinking?

A Perspective on the Kim Davis Case, from One Who Has Been There…

As someone who held a similar job position as Kim Davis, writer Donald Joyner offers his opinion on what should and shouldn't have happened.

PolitiChicks Exclusive with Michelle Bachmann: Iran Deal “Is Setting Up WWIII”

In this exclusive interview with PolitiChicks, former Rep. Michele Bachmann says the Iran Deal is setting up WWIII "faster than anyone can imagine."