Day: August 21, 2015

Ted Cruz Has Strong Words About His “First Day As President”

Ted Cruz talked about his 'busy first day as president' at the AFP Summit in Ohio, overturning every 'illegal & unconstitutional act' Obama has done.

Bobby Jindal at AFP: “Immigration without Assimilation is Invasion”

The crowd was on its feet cheering when Gov. Bobby Jindal ended his speech on Friday at the Defending the Dream Summit in Columbus, Ohio.

Change Is On the Horizon in Arizona: Interview with Kelli Ward, Running Against John McCain

While one "political sun" is setting, a new day is dawning for conservative in AZ as State Sen. Dr. Kelli Ward challenges Sen. John McCain in 2016.

The (Many) Short-Comings of Public Education

According to recent data, public education in America is sub-par at best. But can we change this?

5 Ways To Become an American: An Immigrant’s Guide

James Patrick Riley offers 5 important suggestions that SHOULD be done before being honored with American citizenship.

Are Hillary’s E-Mails Her “Blue Dress”? (Or Perhaps Blue Pantsuit?)

Could Hillary's e-mails be her Nixon tapes? Or her husband's blue dress? It all depends on what "is" is...