Day: August 11, 2015

CO Grassroots Call To Action: Sign Petition Supporting Deb Scheffel For State BOE Chair

Grassroots activists are calling on Coloradans to make their voices heard through a petition.

Hillary, Huma and Cheryl Mills Blow Off Court-Appointed Deadline (aka Contempt of Court)

Hillary Clinton and two top aides, Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedein, missed a court-ordered deadline arising from a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit.

Redstate Gathering/Political Correctness: Self-Righteous Indignation At Its Worst

Abigail Adams says the Redstate Gathering 'succumbed to political correctness' when they uninvited Donald Trump to speak.

CO GOP Hides Debt From Donors; Admits to “Dire Financial Straits”

In a statement to the Archuleta Co Chair, CO GOP Party Chair Steve House House did not disclose the debt at all.