Day: August 4, 2015

Fox News Announces GOP Debate Lineup: Who’s IN, Who’s OUT

Fox News has announced the lineup for Thursday's GOP debate.

Voters First Forum: First Look at GOP Presidential Primary Hopefuls

Tuesday night the 2016 Presidential hopefuls met onstage at the Voters First Forum in New Hampshire.

Planned Parenthood & Why I Choose Life

We as individuals and as a nation can no longer claim ignorance. The Planned Parenthood videos are readily available, real, and damning…for all of us.

Clinton’s Capital Gains Tax Proposal: Why Worry About Capitalism Today, When You Can Worry About It In A Few Years?

Hillary Clinton’s proposed capital gains tax would eliminate the beneficial capital means taxes will be available to investors aims to control capitalism.

Daniel Greenfield: The Useless Jewish Organization

The Jewish establishment has always been anti-Zionist. It was anti-Zionist before the State of Israel was founded. It is anti-Zionist today.