Ukraine’s “Revolution of Dignity” and Possible U.S. Support of Neo Nazi Militias

On November 9, 1989, the end of a 45 year political staredown was marked symbolically by the fall of the Berlin Wall. Within three years, Germany would be reunited, the Iron Curtain fallen and the Soviet and Yugoslav and Czechoslovak unions. Replacing the obsolete Cold War order in the west were the European Union, today serving as the anchor for the euro and a common market governed in Brussel. NATO, like the EU, expanded well-east of the Iron Curtain. Ukraine’s history under Soviet occupation left no generation alive prior to Bolshevism to navigate its democratization. Despite the Russian occupation of the Crimean Peninsula and warfare, Ukrainians see the fall of Viktor Yanukovych its Revolution of Dignity (Революція гідності).

In response to the coups d’etat of Yanukovych, Putin authorized the invasion and annexation of the Crimean Peninsula March 4, 2014. Later, Putin armed militias in eastern Ukraine. In April 2014, the U.S. and Britain announced their intent to fund what Richard D. Pace asserted as their “Iran-Contra solution” by vilifying Yanukovych to justify their “money grab”. The Wall Street Journal reported the West’s most powerful leaders mobilized to recover untold billions embezzled by the former Ukrainian leader. Spearheading the wild goose chase was the acting Prosecutor General in Kiev, Oleg Makhnitsky, who received the full political support by former Att. Gen. Eric Holder and British Home Secretary Theresa May. The Kyiv Post reported $32 billion went missing, roughly the total of Kiev’s budget. And coincidentally, the manhunt coincided with Putin threatening to cut off its natural gas supply to both Ukraine and the E.U.

George Soros: The Jacobin Behind the Ukrainian Spring

In early June 2015, CyberBerkut hacked E-mails by Democrat puppetmaster George Soros to current Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, citing “A short and medium term comprehensive strategy for the new Ukraine,” asserting his confidence the Obama administration would provide lethal military assistance “with same level of sophistication in defense weapons to match the level of opposing force.” Russia Today (RT) also reported Mr. Soros informing Poroshenko Western backers want Kiev to “restore the fighting capacity of Ukraine without violating the Minsk agreement.”

Mr. Soros then declared the E.U. must support Kiev with a monetary package followed by a dire warning:

As you know, I asked Andrés Velasco, a prominent economist who was Chile’s very successful minister of finance from 2006-2010 to visit Kyiv where he met the Prime Minister; the President was in Warsaw at the time. Velasco came back with a dire view of the financial situation. The National Bank of Ukraine has practically no hard currency reserves. That means that the hryvnia has no anchor. If a panic occurred and the currency collapsed as it did in Russia, the National Bank could not stabilize the exchange rate even if only temporarily as Russia did by injecting $90 billion.

Your first priority must be to regain control over the financial markets—bank deposits and exchange rates. Unless you do, you will have no way to embark on deeper reforms. I believe the situation could be stabilized by getting the European Council to make a commitment in principle that they will pull together the new $15 billion package that the IMF requires in order to release the next tranche of its original package at the end of January 2015. Based on that commitment the Federal Reserve could be asked to extend a $15 billion three months swap arrangement with the National Bank of Ukraine. That would reassure the markets and avoid a panic.

I am ready to call Jack Lew of the US Treasury to sound him out about the swap agreement.

The U.S. and NATO Fund Neo Nazis

Oleg Tyagnibok, leader of Ukraine’s Neo Nazi Svoboda Party
Oleg Tyagnibok, leader of Ukraine’s Neo Nazi Svoboda Party

Russia’s nsbc reported February 2014 the U.S. and NATO support Neo Nazi rebels as well as Svoboda — the fourth largest political party in Ukraine’s parliament:

Christof Lehmann (nsnbc): Claims that there are no Neo-Nazis in the Ukraine and the Ukrainian parliament, and that the USA does not support Fascists, have been rebutted at numerous occasions. Last weekend, when the US, French, British, Polish and German – backed “opposition” seized Parliament with masked gunmen and voted 360 – 0 to oust the President, the White House responded by releasing a statement that praised the “constructive work” done by the Ukrainian parliament.

(Center) Sen. John McCain; (Right) Oleg Tyagnibok
(Center) Sen. John McCain; (Right) Oleg Tyagnibok

Nsnbc also reported Senator John McCain, Chairman of the US Senate’s Armed Services Committee, “was seen together with Svoboda “leader” Tyahnbok, who not long before his meeting with McCain, appeared on national television, brandishing an ax, saying that a party like Svoboda needs a war to to flourish.”

On September 9, 2014, The Blaze reported on Neo Nazis fighting Russian forces in eastern Ukraine. Kevin Bishop’s tweet displays a flyer expelling Jews from the eastern city, Donetsk.

Paul Gobles translated

Respected citizens of Jewish nationality! Given that the leaders of the Jewish community of Ukraine support the Banderite junta in Kiev and are hostile to the Orthodox Donetsk Republic and its citizens, the Main Staff of the Donetsk Republic orders the following:

All citizens of Jewish nationality over the age of 16 who live on the territory of the sovereign Donetsk Republic must before May 3, 2014, appear before the Donetsk Republic commissar for nationality affairs in Room 514 of the government’s offices. The cost of registration is 50 US dollars.

In addition to the sum of 50 US dollars, those registering must bring their passports so that their religious affiliation can be entered, documents about the members of their families, and also notarized documents about all the real estate and means of transportation you own.

Those who refuse to register will be deprived of citizenship and forcibly expelled from the republic and their property will be confiscated.

The report of the Donetsk incident (dated April 17, 2014, around Passover for the Jewish people) was cited by Israeli medium YNetNews the prior evening.

The ranking U.S. Senators on the Intelligence Committee (Bob Corker, Bob Menendez) met with an officer within the Ukrainian Neo Nazi battalions in Washington according to BeforeItsNews. Michel Chossudovsky, head of Global Research, discussed the situation in THIS VIDEO.

Finally, State Department official Victoria Nuland admitted Neo Nazis fought amid the chaos of the Ukrainian Spring in Kiev (video HERE).

The year 1989 seems as gone with the wind as the Confederate flag, having learned nothing but to await the eternal reverberations of bugles calling home America to the amazing graces of “Taps”.

Jonathan P. Henderson

Jonathan P. Henderson is a resident of Powell, TN, just a few miles to the north of Knoxville and his alma mater, the University of Tennessee. He earned his B.A. in History with a Minor in Political Science and currently operates a political blog aptly titled Conservatively-Speaking: Classically-Liberal Political Blog Opposing Socialism and Anarcho-Capitalism. In his spare time, Jonathan relishes writing poetry and on occasion, an online game of trivia as it is a pleasant reflection of his memories as an academic quiz bowl team member in high school. His ambition is singular, only that he serves the greater good of mankind however that may be. He feels that if he somehow touches the life of even one person or can cure the doldrums of a random individual, friend or family member by achieving the feat of such person smiling, his life's mission will have been accomplished.

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