Ancestor of Jefferson Davis on Confederate Flag: “It is time that this flag be folded”
Bertram Hayes-Davis, a great-great grandson of Jefferson Davis

No one person in the history of the United States is more directly attached to the Confederate Battle Flag than Jefferson Davis.

Much of my life has been attached to this historic figure and my reaching for an understanding of the President of the Confederate States of America and his relation to our country’s history. I have confronted this issue directly and have come to the conclusion and agreement with the opinions of many; this flag has become a symbol that divides our country.

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The argument of heritage has validity, if used in an historical context and placed in the proper perspective and location. Public display has always been an issue, by opening up wounds of hurt from the past, for many people. The latest catastrophic event, by an individual that supports this flag, has opened another discussion about the right place for the flag and its interpretation.

PolitiChicks.comAs a descendant of Jefferson Davis, I have seen this flag used to represent his entire life. Forgotten are the first 52 years of his life as an American Patriot. West Point, US Army, US Representative, Secretary of War and Senator, along with his many great accomplishments for this country, are all forgotten. As you look at the Capitol of the United States today, few know the impact that Jefferson Davis had on making this building what you see today.  All of this history has been replaced, to instead focus on his position as President of the Confederacy and its ties to the Battle Flag. That history, as seen from the American people’s perspective and attachment to the Battle Flag, creates the same divisions that we are seeing today in our country.

It is time that this flag be folded and placed in the right historic perspective and locations. Jefferson Davis preached, after the War, that we have one country and should focus on making it that which God intended.

History cannot be erased; it must be remembered and told with fact and truth. Symbols that are currently used to create fear or mistrust have no good purpose in this day and time. It is time for the Confederate Battle Flag to be part of historical collections and not a public symbol to any one person, group or organization. The time for division is over and we must all come together for the future unity of this country. I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. This is my flag, as it should be throughout our entire country.

Bertram Hayes-Davis

Bertram Hayes-Davis, a great great grandson of Jefferson Davis, is deeply committed to educating the public about the life and legacy of his distinguished ancestor. Bertram has served since 1976 as the President of the Davis Family Association and since 1988 as the President of the Papers of Jefferson Davis. He is the former Executive Director of Beauvoir, the last home of Jefferson Davis and the Presidential Library in Biloxi, Mississippi. Over the last 35 years Bertram has traveled and spoken at a majority of Davis sights throughout the country. He has been interviewed by Life and People magazines and is on several online interviews. Bertram is currently serving as the President of the Beauvoir Foundation. The Foundation’s mission is to support opportunities and exhibits to educate the public about the life of Jefferson Davis. He and his wife Carol travel the country speaking on behalf of the Foundation. Bertram has a Master’s of Science in Geology, and spent sixteen years in the Oil and Gas Exploration business. Four of those years were spent working in Russia conducting studies to determine the oil potential in Western Siberia. He has also worked in his hometown of Colorado Springs for Colorado College as both the Director of Corporate Support and the Director of Athletic Fund Raising. Bertram was the Director of Development for The Pikes Peak Community Foundation, and the Director of External Relations for Peak Vista Community Health Centers; both organizations are located in Colorado Springs. Bertram held positions in the financial industry for J.P. Morgan both as a Trust Advisor in Colorado Springs, and as the Vice President, Head of Oil and Gas Management in Dallas, Texas. In addition to his varied work experience, Bertram is also involved with numerous charitable organizations. He has served on boards in both Colorado and Mississippi such as The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, The Broadmoor Improvement Society, and the Combined Boards of Beauvoir. In his free time, he enjoys travel and golf.

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