Day: July 23, 2015

BREAKING: “Older White Male” Reportedly Opens Fire in Louisiana Theater; 2 Reported Dead

An 'older white man' reportedly opened fire in a Louisiana theater, 2 are reported dead including the shooter.

Action Alert From Frank Gaffney: “Kill the Obamabomb Deal Before it Kills Us.”

Time is running out to stop Obama's deal with Iran, aka the Obamabomb. Urge Congress to say NO!

Chattanooga Shooter: Islamic Jihadist or Mentally Ill?

If a Muslim walks like an Islamist, talks like an Islamist & shoots Marines in Chattanooga in the name of Allah, is he mentally ill or an Islamic terrorist?

Latest Ad Campaign From California’s Man-Made Drought: DEAD is the New Green

Because of California's man-made drought, people are encouraged to forget about going Green and to instead Go Brown--as in dead lawns, plants, and trees.

Colorado Secretary of State’s Office Stonewalls Open Records Request

Along with redacted documents & lots of stonewalling, the Colorado Republican Party has obtained legal council for a slew of legal matters.

Movie Review: “Ant-Man” (4 Out of 5 Stars)

  by Holly Woodland Based on the Marvel Comics of the same name, director Peyton Reed has delivered a funny, charming and unique superhero film. The storyline seems to be the standard of the...