Day: July 22, 2015

LTC Allen West on FIRE at #StopIranRally: “How Dare Barack Obama!”

LTC Allen West was on fire & sounding very Presidential at the #StopIranRally in New York Wednesday.

(VIDEO) Gatlin Brothers Sing About Islamic Terrorists: “Dear Gutless Worthless Cowards”

The Gatlin Brothers have no problem calling Islamic terrorists what they are.

Voter Redistribution — How Obama’s HUD Wins 2016…and Beyond!

HUD. Select subsidized affordable housing sites in suburbs. Translation: Relocation. Translation: New Democrat voters. Problem, no?

Daniel Greenfield: (Despite Everything) Why Trump Is Winning

Donald Trump is a great salesman. His Republican rivals aren't. Some are talented lawyers. But they couldn't sell a discounted heater to Eskimos.

Planned Parenthood: Eugenics & Organ Harvesting Under China’s “One Child Policy”

Is there a connection between Planned Parenthood and China's one-child policy? Jonathan P. Henderson explores.