Day: July 16, 2015

Heads-Up Parents: School-wide Student Mental Health Plans Coming Your Way

Parents Beware: The latest grab for your children are Student Mental Health plans, in which teachers are allowed to evaluate your child's mental health.

Guest Writer Dennis Santiago: Does America Need a Trump Card in the Middle East?

Guest writer Dennis Santiago reminds us Donald Trump was ridiculed for being wary of going into Iraq after 9/11 yet his misgivings have proven to be true.

Flashback 2007 Sen. Obama: America Needs to “Keep Nuclear Weapons Away From Terrorists”

C-Span clips from '07 summarize what then-Sen. Obama thought about a nuclear Iran & the 'shameful smearing' of folks who disagree w/the president...

Next Step: Common Core Mixes With Vacation Bible School.

How can the masterminds behind Common Core involve religion in their plans to take over education? Offer Common Core training to VBS providers!