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Day: July 14, 2015

Ryan Girdusky: Planned Parenthood Uses Partial-Birth Abortions to Sell Baby Parts

A shocking video has been released with a Sr. Dir. at Planned Parenthood describing how they sell organs of fetuses killed during partial-birth abortions.

Frank Gaffney: “Wake Up, America, to Obama’s Nuclear Nightmare”

Frank Gaffney announced that Obama's Iran deal has gone through, ensuring Iran gets their bomb...

The Importance of History & Maintaining the Soul of America

With so much of our history being denigrated and desecrated, now more than ever it's important to teach our children to respect & value America.

Teacher Resigns After Reading Book About Gay Lovers to 3rd Graders…

A 3rd grade teacher resigned after reading a controversial book about gay lovers to his students.

Bernie Sanders is “Re-branding” Socialism   

Enter 2016 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, the poster boy for the “new socialism”--and many on both sides are falling for it.