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Day: July 3, 2015

(VIDEO) Which Candidate Best Represents the 1% Elite? Watch & Be Amazed.

Which candidate would Democrats consider the most "elite" 1% type? Watch what happens when Campus Reform's Cabot Phillips plays "Candidate's Cribs".

PolitiChicks’ 3rd Annual Red Hottest Conservative Men & Women of 2015

Presenting our PolitiChicks' 3rd Annual Red Hottest Conservative Men & Women of 2015!

New Documentary, “Farming in Fear” to Debut at Anthem Film Festival

VA farmer Martha Boneta is the subject of a new documentary, “Farming in Fear” premiering at the Freedom Fest summit in Las Vegas July 11, 2015.

Microaggressions: Academic Censorship for Perceived Offenses

So how do you destroy the First Amendment? You make human frailty an offense & get academia to control the narrative via microaggressions.