Netiquette: Social Graces

PolitiChicks.comSocial graces is being polite, considerate (putting others before yourself), having a good attitude and overall good behavior in all situations.

Netiquette social graces applies to web-based technologies such as Facebook, Twitter and commenting on blogs. It’s exchanging information, ideas and sharing pictures and doing it with grace.

When participating on these sites, it’s important to maintain a proper decorum, but we wouldn’t know that by the various rude and crass comments we see.

For example, a male friend of mine was involved in a conversation on one of his FB friend’s posts when someone who didn’t like what he had to say proceeded to attack his looks.

Here are some social media tips:

Debating on issues you disagree with is okay, but one of the rules of debating is to never insult your opponent with personal attacks. Passion and speaking from the heart is good, but use logic and reasoning.

If you are going to share newsworthy posts, read the article first; don’t go by the headline which are often sensationalist or have nothing to do with the article.

If your write a blog, do thorough research and make sure you are accurate. Use trusted links to back up your statements.

Don’t use all caps.

Stay on topic. Don’t hijack someone’s post.

Read through the thread before commenting because it might have already been said.

Watch out for satire sites! If something sounds too ridiculous to be true, it most likely is, although in today’s society, it’s sometimes difficult to tell.

Avoid typos. Some social media sites have spell-check, but if a site doesn’t, type it into a Word document, then copy and paste on the post.

Please don’t share too much personal information unless it’s in a private message. Asking for prayers and explaining why is appropriate.

Avoid swearing and foul language, being crude or crass.

Don’t get pulled into “troll-lingo.” They are mean-spirited and are there to distract.

When someone follows you on Twitter, check out their page first before following them back.

Tweets are public. Watch what you say.

Most of all, enjoy your friends—share in their lives. Take part in their discussions and share their posts.

Shannon Sloane

Shannon Sloane holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication Arts from Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma and a Master's Degree in Biblical Counseling from the Master's College in Los Angeles, California. When she was in high school, she co-hosted a Christian music radio program and at 16, she was crowned Miss San Diego in the Supreme Beauty and Talent Pageant. After getting her Master's Degree, she became the Director of a Crisis Pregnancy Center and has counseled hundreds of young women seeking abortions. For five years, she was the Dove Girl for the Gospel Music Association's international broadcast of the Dove Awards (honoring Christian singers, musicians and songwriters). Shannon can be contacted at and on Twitter @HeartofVirtue.

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