Day: June 29, 2015

Supreme Court Ruling & Straw Poll Dominates Western Conservative Summit

Mona Salama wraps up her coverage of the 2015 Western Conservative Summit, including results of the straw poll.

Rick Perry Addresses States’ Rights and His Plan to Defeat ISIS at #WCS15

Rick Perry presented a fiery speech at the Western Conservative Summit.

After the Rainbow: Winning Back the Culture

Sonya Sasser offers solutions as to how to reclaim the culture.

Faith and “Thought” Leaders Respond to SCOTUS’ Ruling on Same-Sex Marriage

One by one our Christian, Conservative, and principled leaders are voicing their opinion and convictions about the SCOTUS ruling on same-sex marriage.

Daniel Greenfield: The Myth of Muslim Radicalization

Radicalization doesn’t begin with a sheikh on social media. It begins at home. It begins in the mosque. It just ends with ISIS.