Day: June 24, 2015

BREAKING: 3 Denver Talk Radio Hosts Quit Over Station Censorship of GOP Sex Scandal

Three prominent talk radio hosts have submitted their resignation to KLZ in Denver for what they allege as censorship of their coverage of the GOP sex scandal rocking Colorado politics. Kris...

Flag Flying Controversy in South Carolina

Shannon Grady says, "God Bless my home state of South Carolina and God Bless America!"

The Rise of Evil: Global Islamic Jihad on Israel and the West

Global Islamic Jihad is advancing rapidly. We’re in the fight of our very lives & yet our leaders refuse to see it, exposing us to more slaughter & horror.

Anti-ISIS Video By Kurdish Pop-Star Helly Luv

Kurdish pop-star Helly Luv is causing a stir with her anti-ISIS video, encouraging people to 'join the revolution' & fight.