“Legal Kidnapping” by CPS – It’s Domestic Terrorism

PolitiChicks.comHow did we get to this place as a nation? Michelle Rider had it right. She referred to the actions of Child Protective Services as “domestic terrorism.” The mother of medically kidnapped teenager Isaiah Rider nailed it.

There is nothing more terrifying for a parent than the thought of someone taking their child. When a child, whether infant, preschooler, or teenager, is kidnapped, the parents are in an acute state of terror, not knowing whether or not they will ever see their child again, not knowing whether their child will live or die, and not knowing what horrors their precious baby will face while in captivity, alone, without mom or dad to help them through.

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If ISIS terrorists were coming down their street, executing everyone in their path, could it possibly be more terrifying? After all, it would all be over soon. Not so with kidnapping. It is hours, days, weeks, months. Years. Of uncertainty. Of constantly living in a heightened state of fight or flight, while being utterly, and completely, helpless to save that person in their life that means more to them than life itself.

Yet, this terror is the state of existence facing, not just a few, but thousands of parents – our friends and neighbors – in every single state in America, some more than others. And the enemy is within, paid for by our tax dollars, in the form of Child Protective Services (CPS).

These are parents who know that they have committed no crime, so they aren’t like the bank robber or the drug dealer afraid that the law is going to justly come after them and punish them for their crimes. They committed no crimes. Nor are they like the abusers and molesters who inflict torment and pain on their victims, knowing somewhere inside that there will come a day of reckoning and justice for their evil deeds.

No. These are parents. Like you. Like me. Parents trying to put food on the table and make ends meet, dealing with the exhaustion of parenting toddlers or the emotional roller coaster of parenting teenagers, or the heartache of parenting a very sick child. Parents who know they aren’t perfect, who know they make mistakes, and who beat themselves up for not being enough or for losing patience and yelling. Parents who don’t know all the answers, or thought they did and tried their very best.

Imperfect. But parents. Full of love for the most amazing little people they have ever encountered.

And looking over their shoulders.

If Child Protective Services knocks on the door of a loving parent, or comes into the hospital room when their child is sick or injured, there is little on this earth that is more terrifying. It is because they have the power to literally take away a child without any real proof, without any real evidence. It is happening all over the country.

It isn’t supposed to be that way. It hasn’t always been that way. They are supposed to only take children away who are truly in imminent danger. But there are more children taken unjustly from good homes than there are from abusive homes. The reality is that there are “medical kidnappings” and “legal kidnappings” of loved children from innocent parents on a regular basis.

Most of America has no idea. I didn’t. When I heard about the Justina Pelletier case last year, I thought it was an isolated case. Surely parents getting a second medical opinion and having their child taken away by the government HAD to be extremely rare. This is America! This couldn’t be happening. It’s unconstitutional. It’s corrupt, and it’s wrong. Children belong with their parents, unless they are truly being abused.

But I was wrong.

I once wrote a piece asking if there was a growing trend in these types of cases. Someone commented, “Where has THIS author been? It’s been going on for twenty years.” I didn’t know. I would be willing to bet that most of you didn’t know that either. They were right. It just hasn’t been made public. Parents were bullied and intimidated into silence.

The media hardly pays the slightest bit of attention to the greatest threat to families in America today. While they are playing the ratings about gay rights and abortion and measles, a much greater threat to the American family lurks right under our noses.

Because of federal programs like CAPTA and Title IV-E funding, children have dollar signs on their heads. Because states get federal money, to the tune of billions of dollars, for children in foster care and for children who are adopted, children have become commodities to be bought and sold, with no regard to the destruction of their very souls. Corrupt agencies and lawyers and judges get a piece of the pie, and what is legal or right and wrong gets thrown out the window.

I have seen more laws broken that you can imagine, not by the parents, but by the agencies and legal system that are supposed to protect the children.

Doctors needing human medical lab rats for their research studies have blood on their hands as well, because, as the nation learned with Justina Pelletier, children who are wards of the state may be entered into medical research studies and drug trials without their parents’ knowledge or consent.

An extremely high percentage of foster children, even very young ones, are forced to consume a cocktail of experimental and psychotropic drugs. A child with a rare medical condition can literally represent millions of dollars to medical researchers.

Earlier today, I came to a place of being very overwhelmed by all the injustice I see with this “domestic terrorism,” and I posted my heart’s cry on my own Facebook page. People all around us are hurting. They are facing giants far bigger than they can handle by themselves. Those of you who care about liberty, who care about families, we need you in this fight. These families cannot do it alone.

“Can the world just please STOP being wicked and horrible to families? The cruelty, by people in our own government, blows my mind. And it never stops. Every. Single. Day. I hear about new stories. I want to help everybody. But I can’t. I don’t understand why local media doesn’t seem to care unless someone else writes the story first. I don’t understand why conservative talk show hosts aren’t talking about this on a regular basis.

I don’t understand how anybody can think it is ok to undermine families and rip them apart. I don’t understand how people can abuse and destroy an innocent child. I don’t understand how anyone can tell a loving mother that the government knows better than she does how to take care of her kids, and can rip those babies right out of her arms.

Were all those tyrannical regimes in world history any worse than this? Tell me how. Ripping families apart is the cruelest form of tyranny and abuse. There is no escape from the pain.

And yet I have to find a way each day to try to encourage families to stand strong and have hope. I pray with the mamas for God to put angels around their babies and hold them close. I cry with them, and I die inside a little more. I can’t do this alone. I am just one person.

Please, friends, help share the burden. Encourage these parents. Fight with them. Call and write legislators. Individually, the parents are picked off, one by one. But together, we can stand united against this tyranny.

It may not be you today, but it might be tomorrow. We need each other.”

Terri LaPoint

Alabama PolitiChick Terri LaPoint is a passionate advocate for families and for pro-life issues. She writes for Medical Kidnap, a division of Health Impact News, working to reunite families and expose injustice that is destroying families all across America. She is a contributing author to the book, Medical Kidnapping: A Threat to Every Family in America. Terri is a regular guest on blogtalk radio programs which advocate for families, and she loves speaking to audiences of any size. Her first article to be published was entitled "Birth and Freedom" in Midwifery Today, which encourages and inspires women to fight for the Constitutional and God-given rights they already have. She was part of the early Tea Parties in Trussville, Alabama, and was involved with the Trust Birth movement from its beginning. Terri holds a B.S. in Cultural Anthropology/World Missions, with minors in Bible/Theology and Behavioral Science. After college, she trained as a midwife and breastfeeding educator. This broad experience has helped equip her for the work that she does now as a voice for so many who are voiceless. She has enjoyed being an extra in several movies. She is a mom with four wonderful children, and has been married to the love of her life for more than 25 years. She loves Jesus with all her heart, and she dares to believe that America is still worth fighting for. Follow Terri on Facebook and on Twitter: @TerriLaPoint

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