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Day: May 8, 2015

Thousands Gather For Fallen NYPD Hero Brian Moore

NEW YORK:  It was a heartbreaking day on Friday as a sea of blue along with hundreds of people attended gathered outside of the St. James Roman Catholic Church in Seaford, Long Island to pay...
Posted On May 8, 2015

Guest Writer John LaRosa: “I Stand with Pamela Geller!”

After the recent Garland shooting, I shared these thoughts on my page…and I received “likes” from Democrats, Independents and Republicans who respect the Constitution and value their freedom. “I...
Posted On May 8, 2015

Daniel Greenfield: Cartoonists are Controversial and Murderers are Moderate

Controversial, intolerant and provocative. Mainstream media outlets broke out these three words to describe the “Draw the Prophet” contest, the American Freedom Defense Initiative and Pamela...