Leftism and Islam: It’s “For the Children”

PolitiChicks.comOne thing has always been said by progressives about their ideologies is, “It’s for the children.” Everything from so called healthcare reform, illegal amnesty to the school lunch programs and common core have been shoved down American’s throats, yet our children are suffering for it.

For example, parents who had good quality health care for prices they could afford, have either lost it due to skyrocketing costs or changed coverage. Those who have ignored progressive democrat’s socialized ‘care’ are now being penalized with stiff fines from the IRS.

The actions of the Obama Administration opening our country ‘for the children’ have given parents in the southern hemisphere incentive to send their children to the United States, where they will be given free stuff with the hope they too will be given amnesty someday.   Children are being entrusted to human smugglers who rape and beat them, take money from naïve parents and leave the children to fend for themselves.

Don’t even get me started on Michelle’s school lunches or Common Core.

One of the most disturbing things however is the progressive left’s tactic of claiming to be the world’s champion of children, peace and tolerance and their warped embrace of Islam.

How often do we hear the narrative about the religion of peace while progressive politicians have helped fan the flames of Islamic jihad all over the Middle East and Africa?

Amnesty International estimates that over 2,000 women and girls have been abducted by Boko Haram since the start of 2014. Some have been forced into marriage, others sold as sex slaves and some have been trained to kill infidels.

Daniel Eyre, Nigeria researcher for Amnesty International, said

We have no direct evidence that Chibok girls are now fighters. But, we do know how Boko Haram operates… Abducted women were taken to makeshift transit camps. They were raped, taught Boko Haram’s interpretation of Islam and prepared for forced marriage with their fighters. Some have even been trained for battle.”

It was reported that Obama operatives were working behind the scenes of the Nigerian elections which were held late last month. Obama administration confidante David Axlerod admitted to being involved in backing Nigerian presidential candidate Gen. Muhammadu Buhari.

Buhari is a Muslim candidate from Muslim-dominated northern Nigeria, where Boko Haram had its roots. Buhari led as “Head-of-State” following a military coup in 1983. He was ousted after another coup in 1985. The sitting president, Dr. Ebele Goodluck Jonathan is a Christian from Nigeria’s Christian south.

Obama’s administration is notorious for backing Muslim when elections have pitted Muslims against Christian or minority leaders, which have resulted in Christians and minorities being murdered. We can’t forget either that Obama worked and supported Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s opponent in Israel’s recent elections.

Axelrod’s firm, the Chicago-based AKPD, admitted to doing work on behalf of Buhari’s All Progressives Congress party in the past, but claimed to have cut ties in March 2014 after Boko Haram kidnapped hundreds of Nigerian schoolgirls.

While that may or may not be true, past and present involvements show a pattern with progressives, especially those tied to Obama. Accuracy in Media came out with a detailed story late last month describing the ways in which the Obama administration was undermining Nigeria’s efforts to fight Boko Haram while his wife was holding up her #BringBackourGirls sign.

Now a Muslim dictator will again rule Nigeria and of course Secretary of State John Kerry praised the election win by Buhari:

The United States congratulates the people of Nigeria and the Nigerian Government on historic and largely peaceful elections the weekend of March 28… In January, I traveled personally to Nigeria and met with both President Jonathan and now President-Elect Buhari. At that time, I emphasized that …Nigeria is an increasingly important strategic partner and… has a critical role to play in the security…I also said that it was imperative that these elections are an improvement over past elections and that they need to set a new standard for this democracy. That means that Nigerians needed to not only reject violence but actually promote peace.”

Boko Harim isn’t the only terrorist JV team in the field. ISIS who has been driving people from their homes, beheading, burning and torturing as they go, has also been kidnapping women and children. The latest reports came out recently that ISIS kidnapped 120 school children from Mosul, Iraq.

Iraqi sources were quoted as saying that children aged between 12 and 15-years-old were forcibly taken away from their classrooms and loaded onto ISIS military vehicles. Local reports suggest that the children who aren’t ransomed will now be trained as fighters.

Now ISIS is focusing on Ramadi as they launched a fierce attack last week. According to an article in Hot Air, The Obama administration said during a meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi last week that it will provide Iraq with $200 million in humanitarian assistance.

The Iraqi government had asked the United States for weapons such as Apache helicopters, drones and F-16s, but when asked by reporters after the meeting Obama simply said that “we are discussing security arrangements.”

This on the heels of news that Arab States believe that the US and the Western world aren’t serious when it comes to confronting the threat of Iran, ISIS or other terrorist groups, giving a vote of no confidence. Can we blame them? Most of us have no confidence in our leaders either.

Christians, Yazidis and other minorities have been slaughtered, kidnapped and tortured in Iraq since the Islamic State poured into the country from Syria. If the west cared about displaced families so much, we would have armed the Kurds long ago as they have been steadily fighting ISIS in both Syria and Iraq with limited weapons. Instead, Obama and others have been arming everyone but them. He commits a precious few thousand of our troops to act as ‘advisors’ and trainers and intermittently uses airpower to bomb vehicles, yet pretends that throwing a few million dollars at the aftermath is going to solve everything.

A recent story published in the Toronto Star, which is not exactly conservative, highlighted the tragic and disturbing abuses which these women and girl captives are suffering.

According to aid workers, thousands of Yazidi girls and women were raped, tortured, forcibly married and enslaved. Some have been able to make it back to their surviving relatives in Iraqi Kurdistan but they have been brutalized, are traumatized and many are pregnant, including a nine year old girl. Yousif Daoud, a Canadian-based aid worker who had been working in the region commented that “The abuse she has suffered left her mentally and physically traumatized.”

ISIS recently released more than 200 Yazidi captives, including 40 children after being held for eight months. A Kurdish aid group took the 9 year old, who had been gang raped by at least 10 combat hardened ISIS members, to Germany where a medical charity is looking after her.

As for the others, the report continues, “unless Canada or other Western countries are willing to accept them quickly as refugees ,and allow their babies to be adopted — aid workers say, the militants’ jihad will reach into another generation.

On to Islamic terrorists of Hamas, as Breitbart recently had a story about a documentary exposing the use of trained child soldiers. Hamas’s Interior Ministry proudly displayed a picture of a 5-year-old soldier who is dressed in army clothes and holding an automatic rifle on their Facebook page. “We are strengthening their religious awareness and inducing solidarity with their country…This solidifies their jihad, and their commitment to being a warrior, a curse to Israel.”

The article reiterates that the Hamas picture shows they are not much different from ISIS as both groups are proud to show child soldiers on social media and in videos. There are a few linked videos on the Breitbart article which show children who have been militarily trained.

Hamas, ISIS and other groups who knowingly use children as soldiers are violating international law, yet what does that say about our own progressive government when Obama has waived the law and basically given directives which nullify the Child Soldier laws for the past 4 years?

In 2010, a White House memo revealed that Obama had exempted four governments from the Child Soldiers Prevention Act, a 2008 bill that bars US military cooperation with countries that recruit child soldiers.

The directive which was signed by Obama said in part, “as President by the Constitution and the laws … pursuant to section 404(c) of the Child Soldiers Prevention Act of 2008 (CSPA), title IV of the William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008… I hereby determine that it is in the national interest of the United States to waive the application to Chad, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sudan, and Yemen of the prohibition in section 404(a) of the CSPA.”

Jo Becker of Human Rights Watch said that the directive “essentially nullifies the law,” and by issuing the incredulous waiver, “It gives us no leverage to deal with the recruitment of child soldiers in these countries.”

Obama also waived the law in 2011, 2012, 2013 and again last year. In 2014, an article by World Vision, describes that some countries lose military assistance because of their using children soldiers, yet other countries will continue getting aid in spite of their using children to fight.

Jesse Eaves, senior policy adviser for child protection for World Vision remarked, “On one hand, it’s good to see some countries are being held responsible and are responding to U.S. pressure. On the other, the administration continues to shelter its friends.

Obama uses a loophole in the law, and has failed to implement the CSPA as Congress intended, and holding none of the countries accountable.

The State Department found that nine countries were actively recruiting or using children in their national militaries. The countries included Sudan, Syria, Somalia and Yemen, and yet as of last year when the report came out, seven of the nine countries including Somalia, South Sudan and Yemen received full waivers and were eligible to receive all forms of military aid.

Meanwhile, news is still being reported speculating which foreign governments gave the Clinton Foundation money, and what kind of influence foreign interests may have bought from Obama’s former Secretary of State.

I wrote a series of articles early last year about how the Muslim Brotherhood is helping to transform America, and the first of the series highlighted Hillary Clinton’s ties. The article mentioned the Clinton Foundation’s ties to not only the Brotherhood, but other Islamic terrorist organizations. I also noted the various people Hillary and Bill Clinton have surrounded themselves with over the years, which have anti-Israel, pro Iran, pro Hamas and pro-Islamic views.

While Secretary of State, Clinton gave a speech in 2011 in Turkey, to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) which is funded by dozens of Muslim countries that systematically persecute Christians and Jews. The OIC acts as a lobbying tool to pressure Western governments to outlaw all forms of “Islamophobia”.

We are now seeing the fruits of the “islamophobia” card, and while it’s handy for Islamic Jihadists, it’s not working out so well for women and children in the Middle East and Africa.

In August of last year I wrote how thousands of Christians are fleeing communities they have lived in for almost 2,000 years following ISIS’ demands that they convert to Islam, pay jizya- an Islamic tax imposed on infidels, or be killed for their faith. Virtually no Western leader has done anything to stop these atrocities. Dr. Munir S. Kakish, Chairman Council of Local Evangelical Churches in the Holy Land, told The Christian Post then that “ISIS must be stopped before it wipes out Christians from other areas.”

The problem continues as Obama and other progressive leaders pass the narrative that Islam is a peaceful religion and anyone who speaks out is a bigot.

It doesn’t seem to faze progressive followers in the least that while they see persecution of homosexuals by American Christians because Christians refuse to bake them cakes or pizza, Christians and other minorities including homosexuals, women and children are being tortured and brutally murdered for their beliefs by the ideology progressives from the west keep claiming are peaceful.

Raheel Raza wrote an article recently featured on the Gatestone Institute website that “We live in a country where we embrace liberal democracy, gender equality, freedom of speech and individual freedoms, so we naïvely think that everyone who comes here has the same values. Wrong. Those are the very values that the terrorists abhor.

The article mentions:

  • An estimated 800,000 children in and around Nigeria who were forced from their homes by Boko Haram extremists.
  • The Taliban have been consistently targeting women and girls. Human Rights Watch’s World Report for 2015 says that there continue to be threats to women’s rights and freedom of expression.
  • ISIS who has consistently targeted women and children in their brutal battle for control of the Muslim world.

Raheel asks,

What do these three groups, Boko Haram, the Taliban and ISIS, which are terrorizing our world today, have in common?” Then answers, “Their ideology is: We are the only ones who know the truth; we will lead and others should follow without questioning our tactics, and only then will they find salvation… The West is evil and we will teach them a lesson; our ideology must engulf the Muslim world with the establishment of a Caliphate.

Others (especially women) who are speaking of reform and change within the Muslim world are heretics and not really good Muslims because many of them do not wear a hijab. These “heretics” are friends with the “infidels” so how could they be true representatives of Islam or Muslims?

We will tell you what “authentic” Islam is, and anyone questioning the status quo is an Islamophobic racist bigot, so we will help you play the “victim card.””

Did you get that last part? This is a progressive fruit from people like Hillary Clinton.

Raheel Raza writes that North American Islamist organizations have succeeded in suppressing free speech and using intimidation in attempts to shut down any “Islamophobic” speech in universities and the public square.

This is taken from parts of Hillary Clinton’s speech in Turkey when she said, “So we are focused on promoting interfaith education and collaboration, enforcing antidiscrimination laws, protecting the rights of all people to worship as they choose, and to use some old-fashioned techniques of peer pressure and shaming, so that people don’t feel that they have the support to do what we abhor.”

Shaming and peer pressure brought to you and me by Hillary Clinton who aspires to be the next President of the United States. But don’t worry, she’s a woman who does all she does for women everywhere. But most importantly… it’s for the children.

Carolyn Elkins

Carolyn Elkins' PolitiChicks articles have been shared by Mark Levin, NewsBusters and New Media Journal. She writes about everything from military issues, the Middle East, Islam, politics to the Founding Fathers. Carolyn is a guest writer on The Right Scoop and PolitiBrew under the name American Duckie. Born in Canada, but now a proud U.S. citizen, Florida PolitiChick Carolyn is an unapologetic Christian and Constitutional Conservative. She studies the Founders and their writings, and uses what she learns to try and educate others. Carolyn is the founder of the Constitutional Freedom Party, a completely grass roots organization whose foundation is on God and the Founder's intent for a Constitutional Republic. Carolyn is married with one child and has taught American Government and Constitution to her home school co-op group of 12- 14 year olds. You can visit her via the Constitutional Freedom Party blog or on twitter @ABiCduckie and @CFP4US

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