Michelle Obama: Commander in Chief of Refrigerators

PolitiChicks.comPoor President Obama. He is not my favorite man by a long shot and most definitely the worst President ever by conservative standards, but I feel a tiny bit sorry for him. Not only has his historical Presidency become a living nightmare, but he also has to live with the Federal Food Police Captain, aka Michelle. That can’t be any fun.

Conservatives warned the American people long before President Obama was elected the first time that he was a Socialist and married to more of the same. Their college days and professional careers are riddled with proof of their ideology. The Obama couple makes no secret of their extreme dislike of the fabric of our nation and their careful intent to redesign as much of this country as humanly possible, while taking up precious space on Washington Avenue.

The Monday after Michelle Obama became First Lady she spoke to a group in Wisconsin and rather than appearing with the grace befitting the wife of a newly elected President, her tone was that of a bitter old woman who was mad at the world. I will never forget my disgust at her words after her husband was sworn in as President when she said,

“People in this country are ready for change and hungry for a different kind of politics and … for the first time in my adult life I am proud of my country because it feels like hope is finally making a comeback.”

To that I say oh really? How is it possible for a woman to be born and raised in this country, a free country and have nothing to be proud about regarding her American heritage?   I stood in line and voted with people like her. It took a different color skin than white to make Michelle Obama proud of her President. Who is the bigot?

And for the last six plus years while President Pompous uses his power to invade our privacy, take away our rights, legislatively shred the Constitution, publicly embarrass this nation as he shuns Israel, and apologizes for us around the world, his wife is either vacationing or telling people what to eat and what not to eat.

On Friday March 20, 2015 the federal Department of Agriculture posted a notice in the Federal register that they intend to start collecting and monitoring some very personal information of all babies and children enrolled in daycare, covering informal daycares that are maintained in private homes as well as public daycares.

The report stated:

“The USDA will weigh and check the height of about 3,000 toddlers as part of a study mandated by Michelle Obama’s Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act. The agency published a notice in the Federal Register on Friday that proposes data collection on what meals can be served in professional and home daycare facilities as well as how much physical activity children should perform.”

Our history is appropriately filled with First Ladies taking on a high profile position in society. First Lady Mrs. Reagan wanted to fight drug abuse amongst our American youth, but she did not implement mandatory drug testing, invade personal space or violate individual rights and responsibilities.

First Lady Laura Bush has long been an advocate of books. She knows that reading enlightens the mind and entertains the soul but Mrs. Bush recognizes that we should not, as a country, federally mandate reading logs.

All of the aforementioned falls under the umbrella of personal responsibility. The old fashioned and conservative idea of individuals being culpable for themselves first and secondly their families are steadfast and true. There is just no other way that works. Society will always have the down trodden, elderly, infirmed, handicapped, and lazy losers. This is another fact of life. But to perpetuate the nonsensical notion that “it takes a village” to raise a baby is wrong on every level.

People like Hillary Rodham Clinton and Michelle Obama need to understand that our nation’s foundation is built around the American family not a commune or a kibbutz. It is up to mom and dad to weigh their children, prepare their breakfast, and see that they exercise their minds and bodies, to teach those morals and social guidelines and to explain the facts of life. These personal responsibilities can vary with such a wide range there is no possible reason for the Federal Government to be involved, unless there is obvious proof of abuse or neglect. As it is now each state has its own department for the welfare of children and families and their reputation is shame, shame, shameful.

Moreover, the self-sustaining family results in people, citizens, which are nurtured into individuals not cookie cutter clone dolls, like Mrs. Obama and her husband would like to see. The American family is a healthy functioning unit when they support themselves and obviously this structure creates future generations of well-balanced people.

Someone should tell the current First Lady that just because her husband is Commander in Chief, in no way does this make her Commander in Chief of the American refrigerator.

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