Guest Writer Jonathan P. Henderson: Dismantle Federal Reserve & End the Welfare State

PolitiChicks.comOne of Tea Party presidential candidate Ted Cruz’s political crusades is to dissolve the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) alongside the progressive income tax. Should he accomplish this as president, he will be lauded a great American hero, singing the fanfare for the common man and helping end the welfare state. He is neither reflective of a fascist Democrat seeking to apply a national socialist Apartheid state persecuting Christians, Jews or anyone who is a conservative or libertarian or not a Muslim or Satanic; nor is he the established GOP, a party now vaguely resembling the oldest form of conservatism, Toryism, or a political platform predicated upon hereditary privilege, of primogeniture and entail akin to the Bush family. Likewise as a man raised by a Christian evangelical, he would be appalled by any comparison to a religious icon. He is not Barack Obama, who delusionally believes he is the deity of Islam.

The Tea Party represents Main Street, U.S.A., not the Obama-scorched Reichstag now our Capitol building nor Wall Street for today’s GOP. It has now enough support to challenge as a major political party (24 percent on October 1, 2014 supported the Tea Party according to Gallup), as it possessed 58 percent of all GOP congressional seats in 2013 and has found the secret to declaring absolute victory either through the Republican Party or in fundamentally destroying it by its attraction of the “Reagan Democrats”, to the tune of close to 40 percent of its organizational membership and supporters. Citizens United among others through the Koch brothers has supported it financially.

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Free Enterprise, correctly applied, recognizes no unnatural barriers to growth. The natural right to expand upon one’s talents and work ethic will be provided for each American to acquire a sustainable living and wealth for all willing to make this endeavor. For this reason, I support the repeal of the national minimum wage standard in favor of the Swiss standard of negotiated contracts overwhelmingly supported by popular referendum. It entails the following:

  • Swiss law does not specify any minimum wage or average earnings. In most cases, pay levels are agreed between the employer and the employee during the recruitment process.
  • In addition to individual employment contracts, various branches or companies negotiate collective employment agreements. Trade unions and employers (or the employers’ federation) determine certain elements of the agreement, including provisions relating to wages, continuation of wage payments, vacation, working hours and termination of employment.
  • For certain professions with weak union representation and not covered by a collective agreement, the authorities can issue standard employment contracts.

I advocate a market-based tax policy which combined with a balanced budget amendment and the dismantling of the Federal Reserve, will not only pay off all debt over time by capping all budgetary measures and ending the debasing of the coinage through fluctuating interest rates, but too the frequency of hard recessionary periods and the incentives under the Democrats’ socialist platform to go to war as it has the four catastrophic times since 1917. The Fair Tax is similar to this, providing opportunity for the inner city poor to have free economic zones unfettered by repressive federal business and capital gains taxes to encourage entrepreneurship in conclusion.

  1. For every Fiscal Year (FY) in Washington, a budget must be submitted, thoroughly detailed and crafted to be debated regarding the needs which must be reconciled as a matter of providing for the common welfare and national defense.
  2. The budget must be balanced, with no provisions unless under strictly-enforced guidelines in which that budget may exceed its annual figure, such as in the case of an attack on U.S. territory, with our NATO allies in Europe or South Korea and Japan as well as Taiwan where we currently have defense pact agreements to which we are by our honor committed. All surplus revenue will be divided by two, with 50-percent paying down on national debt and the other redistributed to the American people as its natural stimulus. To override a balanced budget amendment law for one fiscal year only, a ¾ majority of both the House of Representatives and the Senate are required.
  3. The Federal Reserve will be dissolved and all responsibilities to regulate interest rates relegated to individual private banking firms in order to decentralize state control of monetary supply. By this measure, the risk from a fixed source of a systemic economic collapse is greatly decreased as well as the apparatus which serves as the nation’s largest holder of federal debt will no longer contribute to further borrowing from the American people’s savings or purchasing bonds and securities for matters superfluous to what is necessary to maintain government’s daily functions. As well, no federal bailouts or purchases of private enterprise or financial institutions may be transacted, nor any private sector business or corporation ever nationalized through excessive regulations or direct state takeover. A return to the Bretton Wood-style of currency weight measurements and exchange rates is recommended.
  4. In accordance to Article I, Section 8, Congress will retain the right to raise taxes for federal revenue, but no longer progressive income taxes in maintaining the spirit of the total repeal of the Sixteenth Amendment.
  5. All state-run corporations are to be sold off as shares to the general public at cut rates compared to actual cost per share. All federally-operated banking lenders such as Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Ginnie Mae are to also be sold off as shares to the private sector at cut rates compared to the actual cost per share. To do this privatizes public industry and creates the opportunity to own property and have a stake of the financial sector’s trends.
  6. Through Congress alone may any action to engage in a military operation be approved at the request of the president of the United States. It therefore requires that the president present forth a request to engage in any exercise or shift in our national defenses within our borders or internationally, and must be approved by a margin of 3/4 of both the House of Representatives and the Senate.
  7. Because of the sensitivity of warfare’s enormous costs, the War Powers resolutions which grant authority to the president of the United States to order military operations against foreign nations is no longer to be legal; it must require a joint congressional measure to declare any major conflict as war. In our defense agreements with Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and in NATO, any act of aggression against our allies is therefore an attack on the United States of America. Therefore, this measure is to be automatic grounds for the president to seek a declaration of war. In abiding by the Monroe Doctrine (1923) and the Roosevelt Corollary (1905), our commitment to the security of the Western Hemisphere will also serve as grounds for a declaration of war. In addressing this interest based upon our treaty with allies under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), a military alliance should be declared with all member states in protecting the national security and trade interests for one and all. No outside interference may rightly impair this arrangement unless a full partnership agreement among all member states is agreed to.
  8. Per NAFTA’s mandate, no preclusive measures towards entering into energy economic interdependence treaties among any of our partners can be blocked by the president or his administration, and only a simple majority in both chambers of Congress is necessary to approve of U.S. entry in such agreements. Any punitive action by a member nation of NAFTA to impede on U.S. rights to the free engagement of energy exploration and trade must be deferred to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and to the NAFTA regulatory commission.
  9. All future international trade pacts must be approved by Congress and signed into law by the president.

Jonathan P. Henderson

Jonathan P. Henderson is a resident of Powell, TN, just a few miles to the north of Knoxville and his alma mater, the University of Tennessee. He earned his B.A. in History with a Minor in Political Science and currently operates a political blog aptly titled Conservatively-Speaking: Classically-Liberal Political Blog Opposing Socialism and Anarcho-Capitalism. In his spare time, Jonathan relishes writing poetry and on occasion, an online game of trivia as it is a pleasant reflection of his memories as an academic quiz bowl team member in high school. His ambition is singular, only that he serves the greater good of mankind however that may be. He feels that if he somehow touches the life of even one person or can cure the doldrums of a random individual, friend or family member by achieving the feat of such person smiling, his life's mission will have been accomplished.

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