Now We Can’t Say “Gay”?

PolitiChicks.comAs Florida just joined 35 other states in approving ‘same-sex/gay marriage’ I have now been made aware via social media feeds that married people are not only homophobic if they do not acknowledge the union but heterosexuals are also being commanded to drop the word ‘gay’ completely.

Who do these people think they are that can go around morphing, altering, changing, and desecrating our vocabulary? Words mean something. Words are the foundation of communication and relationships between human beings.

Not that I ever expect the left to grasp this notion, but opposition to amending the definition of words is not bigoted, limiting, biased, hateful, backwards, back woods, or ignorant. In fact, respecting the institution of language is prudent and appropriate. Civilization is based on language and communication for creating a society. Government and Civic books highlight how language unites as one body of citizens. Words and their meanings are of extreme importance beyond being the obvious vehicle for communicating as individuals; they pertain to our history and institutions as a country when looking at the greater whole.

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