Guest Writer Thomas To LGBT Community: I Have a Dream, Too

PolitiChicks.comJames Madison understood something that current LGBT leadership does not: the right to privacy. Privacy of thought and beliefs is the wisdom behind, and the core of, our first amendment. This basic concept is slipping away before our very eyes. It’s time to revisit the importance of this elemental right and how it relates to present day LGBT leadership.

About a decade and a half ago, LGBT leaders made a decision that affected all homosexuals. Their decision removed the basic right to privacy for gays and lesbians. The powers that be decided that all homosexuals must “come out–or else!” Under current LGBT leadership coming out is not a choice made by the individual. Coming out is collectively mandated, period. Discussion and debate over whether or not homosexuals should publically discuss their personal sexual preference is entirely forbidden. This is not the American way, it is fascism, and it has contributed to today’s era of divisive LGBT self-segregation.

Can we all agree that it is important to learn from history? Most Americans would agree that we can. Can we all agree that it is important to learn from history without being accused of being anti-progress or looking backward? The answer is no; we cannot under current LGBT leadership.

For the sake of argument let’s pretend that prevailing LGBT leaders do not exist (similar to the way LGBT leadership pretends that conservative solutions to the unnecessary divisions they have caused do not exist).  Let’s take a look at history and see if we can learn anything about the pros and cons of mandated coming out, the obsession with sex, and the death of privacy.

For starters, there was a time when the individual had the right to choose whether or not they wanted to broadcast their personal sexual activities to the entire world. We don’t have to look far. The 70’s is sufficient. Remember Liberace? America loved Liberace. He was a talented national treasure that the entire country enjoyed and was proud of. Everyone knew Liberace was gay. Nobody cared. Liberace was celebrated by his fellow Americans for his talent, not his sexual preference. That is, until recently. Recently, the commercially driven LGBT leadership destroyed and perverted the previously merit-based legacy of Liberace by deleting his privacy.

How did this happen? The legacy of America’s Mr. Showmanship was forever altered by HBO’s soft-core pornographic film Behind the Candelabra. (FYI: HBO’s tele-documentary format is a weaponized propaganda tool, but that’s another story for another day.) A man previously remembered for his extraordinary talent as a pianist and showman, was suddenly in American living rooms being sodomized by Academy Award winner Matt Damon. This LGBT perversion of Liberace’s merit and talent based heritage is a travesty. It’s a disgrace that a man who worked so hard on his craft and contributed so much to the history of American entertainment was completely reduced to nothing but sex.

So why did they do it? Why did LGBT leadership feel the need to redefine a talented American icon? Because during his lifetime Liberace refused to come out, so by sexualizing him he’d no longer be a talented individual. Individuals are dangerous to the LGBT. By fundamentally transforming him for the greater good of the collective, he becomes another sex-based tool to be used by the LGBT.

Liberace was a classically trained pianist who understood that if he wanted to be remembered for his talent it would be advantageous to not force his private sexual preference upon society. So he didn’t. It was a conscious decision. Instead, Liberace adopted a family-friendly set of clever stage gimmicks intended to let audiences know he was “creative”, “a friend of Dorothy”, “sensitive’, and “unusually gifted at flower arranging’ without demanding that the audience celebrate his private sexual activities. He endlessly pranced about the stage covered in pink sequins and blue fox furs lisping dialogue like, “I don’t wear these to go unnoticed”, “let me go slip into something a little more spectacular”, then emerging to strike a pose that would put Marlene Dietrich to shame and cooing “I’m glad you like it, you paid for it.” The audience ate this up. They loved him and he received 7,000 fan letters a week, proving Liberace was a genius business man who found an amusing way to have his cake and eat it too.

The LGBT’s damage and sexualization of Liberace’s legendary career seems a tad sinister when you consider this line from the HBO film:

LIBERACE: “I’m so glad Jane Fonda’s dropped all those awful causes and made a nice film with her father. Our job is to entertain the world and sell lots of drinks and souvenirs.”

This gives us the clear understanding that the LGBT activist filmmakers knew exactly what they were doing. But they did it anyway, and the talent based legacy of an American icon was destroyed with a two hour dirty movie.

Let’s take a look at how LGBT leadership deals with the privacy of living gay performers. As I said above, coming out is not a choice left up to the individual; broadcasting your personal sexuality is collectively mandated, by force if necessary.

Recently Lance Bass, of NSYNC fame, told Attitude magazine that he was given a 24-hour ultimatum from LGBT activists. The pop singer was told he had one day to either come out himself, or the ‘open-minded and tolerant’ LGBT would do it for him. In less than a day the career Lance had worked so hard for was reduced to nothing but sex. Think about that: one day he was “Lance Bass, pop star” – the next day he was fundamentally transformed into “Lance Bass, singing homosexual.” Again, one more tool for the commercially driven LGBT to use as they see fit.

Talent, merit, and character will always be more interesting than sex. Sex isn’t that interesting. As long as LGBT continues to deny privacy and define homosexuals by nothing but sex, there won’t be any societal progress and they will further divide and marginalize all gays. This is LGBT induced self-segregation and it isn’t working.

Americans like choice. Choice is a good thing. If someone wants to come out, they should, but privacy must be respected. Coming out should be a choice left up to the individual, not collectively mandated and then bullied by militant LGBT leadership. Everyone wants to be treated equally. In order to move forward in society and make real progress we need to stop obsessing on personal sexual behavior, and begin to consider other things that make a person interesting and noteworthy.

As I’ve said before, real equality is only possible when being gay is as irrelevant as having red hair. I have a dream that all Americans will one day live in a nation where they will be judged on their talent, merit, and contributions to society, not their sexual preference.


Thomas is a naturally born and raised Southern California native, based in Hollywood. His controversial pop culture approach to modern politics delights supporters and offends critics. He has been described as 'culturally rebellious' and 'rebel with a cause.' Thomas is popular within the conservative wing of the California Republican Party, making regular appearances in the state. Thomas is currently on the editorial staff of Conservatives4Palin and serves as Chairman of the Board for the political non-profit organization; American Grizzlies United.

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