Radio Host Mark Isler Running for LA College Board

PolitiChicks.comIn order to reverse a long decline in the quality and performance of our educational system,I am running for the LA College Board on March 3rd. We spend a lot of money on education but what we accomplish with that money is a disgrace. The community colleges, for example, have had to become remedial institutions because of the failures of the lower grades. We must reverse that trend.

I am the only Republican running against three Democrats, supported by different union factions, who are therefore likely to split their vote. There is no runoff, if I can get enough Republicans to turn out on March 3rd, I will win the election. I am already known from my radio shows on 790 KABC and 870 KRLA, and for filling in on the nationally syndicated Dennis Prager Show, but I need to reach those Republicans who do not know me.

The reason we often lose elections in LA County and beyond, is because the students never hear our side. When they learn the government has no money of its own, for example, or that minimum wage laws can hurt teenage employment, they frequently say I never heard that before. If I win this election they will hear our side.

I cannot win this election unless we get our message out, and you can help by sending a contribution in any amount, there are no limits, to Mark Isler for College Board, at 5707 Willis Ave. Sherman Oaks, Ca. 91411. Even the smallest amount will be appreciated and if you can’t help in that way maybe you can pass it on to people who might. You might consider joining our volunteer effort by e-mailing back the names of 10 people or more, who we can write to about my campaign, or if you feel more comfortable doing it yourself, you can send your friends a note directly urging them to vote for me by absentee ballot in early February, or by going to the polls on March 3rd. You may not live in the district which stretches from Westlake Village to Palos Verdes, including all of the city of Los Angeles, but you are likely to have friends in this huge district. For more information check out my web page at

If I win this election we will not only begin to turn our educational system around but we will make it easier for candidates with my views to win in the future.

I am hoping you can help.

Mark Isler

Mark Isler has been a teacher for over 15 years at all school levels. He has also been an educational television and radio talk-show host, a CEO, and a deputy to an LA County Supervisor. In addition Mark has participated in countless volunteer activities. Mark has a Master's Degree in Education and three California Teaching Credentials and was named teacher of the year at one of the schools where he was teaching. In addition to his own radio shows on 790 KABC and presently on AM 870 the Answer (KRLA), Saturday nights from 9-11 p.m., he has been the main fill-in host for the nationally syndicated Dennis Prager Show. Mark and his two sons live in the Valley.

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