Man-Hating Feminism Is Illogical

PolitiChicks.comSarah Silverman and Chelsea Handler were recently featured in a commercial for T-Mobile, which resulted in the hashtag #SorryItsABoy trending on twitter. You can watch the commercial here:

This is not funny! It’s appalling and I absolutely despise this brand of feminism.  Originally feminism was about equality between the sexes, giving women the right to vote, etc. Now feminism has evolved into a man-hating monster. This brand of feminism is not only disgusting it is the exact opposite of what the original feminist movement was about, only now the roles are reversed. Feminism today is not about equality, but superiority of the female sex. Not only do feminists seek to elevate the female sex as better than men, but they do everything they can to emasculate men and undermine their ego.

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Feminism has greatly contributed to the death of chivalry as well. Women go around griping that men no longer act chivalrously towards them but the reason is because many times if  a man tries to open the door for you, in your superior femininess you verbally assault him, assure him that you were perfectly capable of opening the door for yourself and how dare he open the door for you simply because “you’re a woman”. Thus, feminism has contributed to the death of chivalry.

Men have very sensitive egos to begin with and it doesn’t take much of this man-hating behavior to utterly emasculate them. Feminism has gotten so out of control, that is has gone from a champion of equality of the sexes to a man-hating, female superiority movement.

The irony of this man-hating movement is that feminism is now endorsing the very thing it fought against:  Superiority of one sex over another.  Or perhaps they think they are getting their revenge for all those years of “female oppression.”

The lunacy of these gender wars is that there would not be any women without men, just as there would be no men without women. So the existence of the sex, whom you feel is superior, would not even be possible without those whom you feel are inferior. How can you feel that someone crucial to your existence is inferior to you? So not only is this man-hating feminism appalling and disgusting, it’s illogical.

Men are not better than women, and women are not better than men. However, as a general rule, women are better than men at some things and men are better than women at some things. For example, men are generally physically stronger than men. Are there women who are physical stronger than some men? Yes.

Our value is not based on our gender or what we do best. We are valuable because we are human beings created in the image of God.

I honestly wonder what all these man-hating women would do if they found themselves in physical danger and “prince charming” came to their rescue. Would they turn on him and say, “How dare you rescue me I can take care of myself”? I don’t think so.  I believe I speak for all of us here at PolitiChicks in saying that this man-hating feminism is appalling.

Katie Zehnder

Katie Zehnder is a senior a Regent University majoring in government. She is also a political commentator for The Federalist Papers and Assistant Editor of Red Millennial. and on Twitter at @Kathzeh.

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