Guest Writer Ari David: Obama’s Special Treatment Of The Jews

PolitiChicks.comA debate rages in conservative circles about the actions of President Obama. So many, such as Mitt Romney during the 2012 election campaign constantly refer to Obama’s “incompetence” in order to explain the courses of action the 44th president takes. As we enter the 7th year of the Obama incumbency, I believe such explanations are foolish. At this point it is clear as Baccarat Crystal that EVERYTHING Barack Obama does is calculated and deliberate. From the scandals to the snubs, we are too far along for there to be any discussion about anything this president does being an “oversight” or accidental. If it were, he would sometimes, purely by accident, do the right thing.

The latest of these deliberately damaging actions was the president’s refusal to mention that Jews were specific targets in the string of recent “known wolf” terrorist attacks. Whether the Jews in the Paris delicatessen targeted avec Charlie Hebdo or Jewish children targeted at Jewish Schools in Marseilles, Jews are constantly a primary target in word and in deed of Moslem murderers who kill in the name of Islam.

The huge reality hole is apparent when one realizes that as a man of the left, Barack Obama comes from a life in which group identity is constantly paramount on every issue. The left always identifies the group a person comes from as the most important attribute in any situation. Just look as recent events as colored by both media and democrat elected officials: Mike Brown and Trayvon Martin – black. The North Carolina Parking Dispute shooting victims – Moslem. Illegal Alien youths involved in the border crisis – Hispanic. In every situation the race of the grievance group is mentioned first then the fact and fictions are sorted out. This way the bony finger of racial acusation and the hustlers pointing that bony finger are conveniently in place for the race card poker game opening deal.

But with the recent Jewish victims nothing.

As we know by now with Obama this simply can not be accidental. Barack Obama is perfect and he never is involved in accidents. Conservatives despise what he does but we have to be far beyond thinking oversight by Obama first rather than intended insult.

It’s clear that the reasons he does this is to minimize the perceptions by his Jewish supporters that this is a time of absolute crisis for Jewish people; to minimize the destructive priorities of the Moslem supremacists he has a soft spot in his heart for and to exclude Jews (and caucasians) from the protected status every other ethnic group enjoys.

In the grand scope of things, when one considers the spectrum of destructive acts Obama has engaged in against all freedom-loving people around the world and to Americans, this may be seen as a rather minor offense and while that may be true, it reveals a terrifying insight into the soul of Barack Hussein Obama Jr; that he is dedicated to harming the Jewish people and altering the course of history by playing a role in the destruction of Israel. There is no other explanation as to why this president is fast tracking the shovel-ready Iranian nuclear weapon project.

Ari David

Ari David is the host of the Ari David Show Podcast heard live on The WAAR Radio network and is available on iTunes. Ari is a Los Angeles native and an actor, writer and stand up comedian. He became politically active in 2008 when he ran for Congress in an attempt to unseat the long time fossilized congressional incumbent, Henry Waxman. Ari has numerous TV appearances as a conservative pundit including FOXNews and the Dr. Phil Show. For more information about Ari check out his website www.AriDavid.US and follow him on Twitter @AriDavidUSA

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