The Great and the Good: Bibi Goes To Washington“One ought never to turn one’s back on a threatened danger and try to run away from it. If you do that, you will double the danger. But if you meet it promptly and without flinching, you will reduce the danger by half. Never run away from anything. Never!” ~ Sir Winston Churchill

“Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.” ~Adolf Hitler

Will Donald Trump win the 2024 election?

“I believe it is peace in our time.”  ~ Neville Chamberlain

“Iran is not your ally. Iran is not your friend. Iran is your enemy. It’s not your partner.” ~ Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – Face The Nation

“Iran won’t pursue nuclear weapons because ‘it’s contrary to their faith.'”~ Barack Obama

“Saying ‘Death to America’ is easy. We need to express Death to America’ with action.” ~ Hassan Rouhani

The Gathering Storm

The Prime Minister of Israel has been asked to speak before Congress, regarding the danger of the impending nuclear deal with Iran that President Obama would very much like to strike, leaving what he believes, will be his legacy amidst a trail of foreign policy failures that have plagued his presidency.

Prime Minister Netanyahu is worried by what he and other top officials, including Henry Kissinger, former Ambassador Dore Gold and members of Congress have called an alarming deal that would give Iran access to nuclear capabilities as well as gain hegemony within the region, leaving Israel facing an existential threat.

The Washington Post posed three issues of great concern from this upcoming agreement taken from the Armed Services Committee Meeting:

  • First, a process that began with the goal of eliminating Iran’s potential to produce nuclear weapons has evolved into a plan to tolerate and temporarily restrict that capability.
    ●Second, in the course of the negotiations, the Obama administration has declined to counter increasingly aggressive efforts by Iran to extend its influence across the Middle East and seems ready to concede Tehran a place as a regional power at the expense of Israel and other U.S. allies.
    ●Finally, the Obama administration is signaling that it will seek to implement any deal it strikes with Iran — including the suspension of sanctions that were originally imposed by Congress — without a vote by either chamber. Instead, an accord that would have far-reaching implications for nuclear proliferation and U.S. national security would be imposed unilaterally by a president with less than two years left in his term.

Former secretary of state George P. Shultz added that Iran’s regional aggression in pronouncing himself “very uneasy” about the ongoing negotiations. “They’ve already outmaneuvered us, in my opinion,” he told the Armed Services Committee.

Additionally, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger told the committee, “such an arrangement would very likely prompt other countries in the region, such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Turkey, to match Iran’s threshold capability. “The impact . . . will be to transform the negotiations from preventing proliferation to managing it,” he said. “We will live in a proliferated world in which everybody — even if that agreement is maintained — will be very close to the trigger point.”

Time is of the essence for Bibi to speak because the interim deal is set for March 24th, 2015. Intervening now is of vital importance and the Prime Minister knows it.

Like Churchill before him, Bibi is poised and at the ready to warn the entire world of this rising menace to the existence of Israel and the west.

Iran has been calling for Israel’s annihilation for a number of years and continues to fund terror proxie groups, Hezbollah and Hamas who actively pursue aggressive acts against Israeli targets.

An IDF report from May 2014 documents how Iran has funded Hamas terror activities on The Temple Mount in Jerusalem against Jews.

A recent Jerusalem Post article states:

“Iran has opened up six fronts against Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Thursday at a send-off ceremony for outgoing Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Benny Gantz.

These fronts are Lebanon, Syria, Gaza and Sinai, as well as Iran’s efforts to carry out terrorist attacks abroad, and its march toward nuclear weapons.

A delegation that met with Netanyahu in recent days following visits with a number of Arab leaders said that those leaders shared many of Israel’s concerns, and noted that Iran and its proxies have taken over four historic centers of the Arab world: Beirut, Damascus, Baghdad and now Sanaa.”

Taking Negotiating Tips From Neville Chamberlain

Even with Iran’s past actions and the reports that they fund terror proxies within the Middle East and abroad, President Obama still clings to his naïve trust in Iran’s promises that they won’t use their nuclear program for nefarious purposes as it is against their faith.

The irony was not lost on those who pay attention to history, that the appeasement talks with Iran were held recently in Munich. Neville Chamberlain had his fateful meetings in Munich with Hitler leading to the unleashing of Nazism in WW2.

Not only have Obama’s failures had disastrous results all around the world but his blatant sympathy and appearing to side with Islamic Jihad have startled everyone as he goes to play golf after a beheading of an American; downplays and denies anti-semitic attacks by Jihadists; skips going to France for the solidarity march; takes selfies while Yemen falls to Iran and Marines are being surrounded by ISIS fighters in Iraq. His reticence at refusing to name the Islamic Jihad threat and create a winning strategy to defeat it is of major concern as well. At a time when real, clear leadership is needed Obama appears to be AWOL.

The latest reckless action taken by the Obama administration, as reported by the Jerusalem Post today, is that they have ceased updating Israel on the Iran talks in retaliation for Netanyahu’s upcoming speech, claiming that Israel is using the information in a manipulative and political way.

Clearly this President cannot be trusted to make a decision in favor of American or western interests. This is simply one more reason why a real statesman such as Netanyahu must step into the breach and work with Congress to thwart this deadly plan that puts Israel and the west in great peril.

Ambassador Dore Gold goes further in a recent Israel Hayom article stated:

“What Iran’s history with Zarqawi and the Taliban demonstrates however, is that Shiite and Sunni extremists cannot be relied upon to be locked into a permanent state of hostility, contrary to the oversimplified analysis about how the politics of the Middle East actually work. Moreover, a survey of the websites of the key Shiite militias in Iraq, supported by Tehran, shows unmistakably that they still harbor strongly anti-American sentiments. They argue that ISIS was created by and is still sustained by the U.S. Reflecting the line they hear from their Iranian sponsors, they certainly do not sound like they are about to embrace Washington as their new ally.

The U.S. would be making a terrible mistake if it comes to believe that it can replace its old Middle Eastern partners with a revolutionary Iranian regime, along with its proxy forces. For it must always be remembered that Tehran’s purpose since 1979 has been to reduce American influence across the entire area from Beirut to Bahrain in order to pave the way for its own military domination of the region as a whole.”

Supporting the existence of the Jewish homeland in the Middle East is of vast importance to all those who love freedom. The Jewish state is the only democracy in the Middle East and is a strategic partner to the west in fighting global Islamic Jihad. As we witness, once again, the rising tide of Jewish hatred we are reminded that the Jews now have a safe haven, Israel. This is the one and only homeland of the Jewish people and it must be protected.

We end with the words from Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel to Obama, “Will you join me in hearing the case for keeping weapons from those who preach death to Israel and America?”

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Leslie-Ann Stoffel

Leslie-Ann Stoffel is a Canadian pro-Israel Blogger and social media advocate. She began her pro-Israel social networking efforts in 2008 after her first trip to Israel, where she fell in love with the people and the land. Upon returning home, she realized that social networking could be used as an alternate avenue to present Israel's case, speak out against the rising global Islamic Jihad threat and bypass the mainstream media. She now has 27,000 followers on Facebook and Twitter. Leslie has blogs on the Jerusalem Post, The Times of Israel, United With Israel and is a contributor to Israellycool. She has been a contributor to and a guest on Israel National Radio. Leslie spends her time between Canada and Israel. Website:

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