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PolitiChicks.comYour children are being followed by strangers.

Who needs a white panel van when they can collect data on everything from name and address to whether or not your family owns guns?

Will Donald Trump win the 2024 election?

Fed Ed, State Ed and their arms of bureaucratic wonks know when and where you go to church. They know if you spank. They know what your child watches on TV… and what mom and dad watch on TV. Some of the testing that is being given to students across the United States is not even shown to teachers. Some students know it is wrong and tell their parents or even bring home the papers; some just innocently comment about it.

It is also appropriate to note here that in Oklahoma we have a troublesome increase in “predator teachers” as described by Amy Ford, State School Board Member, and the fact that Representative Denney and Senator Shaw have a bill to implement a new preschool sex program to teach children about predators. I cannot fathom how the first problem doesn’t completely abolish the thought of the second issue. Connect the dots. Protect your children. You are the parent. You do not hand over guardianship of your children from 8 – 3. You are seeking their services in education. They serve you; they don’t tell you what you must do.

You can refuse any tests that you cannot see ahead of time. Don’t be bullied.

PolitiChicks.comThey will tell you that it is “aggregated data,” that the names are not connected to it. However, we learned from our techy friends that once data is collected, it can always be traced back to the origination, meaning:  it is a lie that the names are not connected to it.

A friend recently found student data from the Cloud, and called me to check it out. From my home computer, I was able to pull up information on students complete with their names and grades – which I could have edited — and much more information.  As soon as the DOE realized we could see it, they shut the website down, but my friend found it again the next day.

Your child’s data is not protected, and the schools need to stop collecting it. They need name, address, parent’s phone number… That’s about it. They are collecting all kinds of information without parental permission or knowledge.

A handful of parents in Oklahoma have become experts in finding information on the Oklahoma State Dept. of Education website. These systems are set up to be able to share data with “stakeholders” (which we have learned is code for “whomever we choose”) They are even pleased to announce it to you:

“CPSI is pleased to announce their partnership with the Oklahoma State Department of Education as their vendor for the Statewide Longitudinal Data System project. The state data system is based on CPSI’s solution, xDStudio State Enterprise Edition. This solution provides for the collection of appropriate data from the 540 school districts in Oklahoma, places the data into an Operational Data Storage for extensive data validation, and then passes the data to a Longitudinal Data Warehouse System. Once there, CPSI’s Business Intelligence and Reporting toolsets can be applied. The data will be used to increase student achievement via education programs, curriculum, and instruction, and will allow educators and lawmakers with the ability to make more informed decisions about school policies and the decisions affecting students as they graduate from school and move on to colleges and universities, and join the workforce.”

Learn more here:…/cpsi-is-awarded-longitudinal-da…

Be diligent in searching your state’s education website for data collection, and be diligent to teach your children NOT to answer questions, and to report to you these questions. Eagle Forum compiled some actual questions from testing and has written this letter to students for parents to educate their children.  Questions are asked online and often without the teachers’ knowledge, so here is Eagle Forum’s warning letter to parents:

Dear Students,

Sometimes your school may ask you to answer nosy questions about your personal life, your attitudes, feelings and opinions, your family, or your friends.

You do not have to answer these questions!

Sometimes you are told to write the answers on a survey or questionnaire. Sometimes these nosy questions are part of a test, lesson, game, activity, or counseling. Do not answer these nosy questions because —

They are none of the school’s business,
They may be embarrassing to you or your family,
They invite nosy snooping by school personnel into your, your family and friends’ personal lives.

You have a right to privacy about your personal attitudes, opinions, feelings, relationships, and actions outside of school. Don’t answer any of these questions even if the school tells you the answers will be kept secret or confidential because it is easy for the school to identify your answers.

Here are some examples of nosy questions that your school should not ask you – and which you should not answer.

Your attitudes and opinions

How often do you attend religious services?

How important is religion in your life?

What makes you angry?

Do you hate your parents?

What was the worst day of your life?

Do you lie or cheat?

What embarrasses you?

How would you prefer to die?

Who died last in your family?

What reasons would motivate you to commit suicide?

Write your own obituary.

What goes on inside your home

Are your parents divorced or never married?

What does your mother do?

Who lives in your house?

What would you like to change about your house?

Do you have your own bedroom?

What TV programs does your family watch?

When you get a bad grade, what do your parents do to you?

Has drinking or drug use by any family member caused family, health, job or legal problems? If yes, who?

Your personal problems

Do you worry about dying soon? your parents getting a divorce? killing yourself a nuclear bomb being dropped on America?

Do you hate yourself?

Do you think you look ugly?

Do you think nobody really loves you?

Do you have fights with your parents?

Have you ever had a nervous breakdown or lost your mind?

Have you ever tried to kill yourself?

Have you felt so discouraged or hopeless that you wonder if anything is worthwhile?

Do you wish you had never been born?

Do you think people would be happier if you were not around?

Do you wonder if you have the nerve to kill yourself?

Did any member of your family attempt suicide?

How often have you run away from home?

Your possible use of drugs

How often do you use the following: cigarettes, beer, wine, hard liquor, marijuana, acid, speed, cocaine, crack, heroin?

If you use marijuana, how old were you when you started?

How often do you get drunk?

Do you think teenagers should be able to drink as long as they don’t drive afterwards?

Your sexual behavior

How old were you the first time you had sexual intercourse?

What kind of birth control do you most often use?

Have you ever been pregnant?

When you daydream about sex, do you think about (a) males, (b) females, (c) both?

Do you consider yourself a heterosexual or a homosexual?

Do you know of a place to go to see a doctor, nurse or counselor without your parents knowing about it?

Your friends

Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend now? Name him or her.

Do you have a best friend now? Name him or her.

Do you share secrets with this best friend?

Name the three classmates you like the most.

Name your classmates who do weird or strange things.

Name the kids you hang out with in school.

What should you do if your school asks you these questions?

1. Tell the teacher you are not going to answer these questions because your parents have told you not to.
2. Report these questions to your parents and, if possible, take home a copy of the questions.
3. If the school makes it so difficult that you feel forced to turn in the questionnaire, then turn it in blank (or check an answer that means “no opinion”).

Note: All the above are actual questions asked of public school pupils in the last several years. Copies of privacy-invading questionnaires can be sent for evaluation to:

Eagle Forum
PO Box 618
Alton, Illinois 62002
(618) 462-5415

Julia Seay

Julia Seay was instrumental in eliminating Common Core from the state of Oklahoma via Restore Oklahoma Public Education. She is a Christian wife and mother who worked in courtrooms and conference rooms, until motherhood gave me a love for home-based business. Julia became involved in her local public school system and was formerly on the board of Restore Oklahoma Public Education, dedicated to affect education legislation. Julia is currently on the board of Gateway Women's Resource Center, a non-profit ministryW. Both of Julia's organizations can be found on Facebook. Follow Julia on Twitter: @juliaseay

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