Christopher Mitchum Suing DCCC For Defamation of Character
Christopher Mitchum and Ann-Marie Murrell

Republican and veteran actor Christopher Mitchum, son of actor Robert Mitchum, is filing a defamation of character lawsuit against his congressional opponent Lois Capps and the DCCC.  After Mitchum lost to Capps in a race many refer to as “dirty,” Mitchum says, “In the aftermath of the campaign, we have found that what Capps and the DCCC did in their ads (TV and radio) is illegal. As a result, I am suing Capps, the Capps Campaign and the DCCC for defamation of character.”

According to Mitchum, he was 2% ahead in the polls when the Capps campaign ads began airing. He says Rush Limbaugh, who is possibly suing the DCCC for doing the same thing to him, is helping him. Limbaugh’s potential lawsuit is based on an e-mail sent out by the DCCC that stated, “Let’s be clear: Rush Limbaugh is advocating for the tolerance of rape” after  Limbaugh mocked Ohio State’s mandatory sexual consent guideline.

This is Mitchum’s official statement regarding the entire incident:

The days following the November 4, 2014 campaign, I gave very serious consideration to the events that immediately preceded the election; specifically, the editing and manipulating of my quote thus changing its meaning. The Lois Capps campaign and the DCCC then produced and aired those changes in a negative ad campaign.

Daily, someone stops me, calls or emails me to express disbelief at the brazen campaign improprieties of the Capps regime. No matter the political party, they know right from wrong.

Appreciating the fabric out of that this country is woven, I cannot allow our value system to be torn by this deception of the American people. I am hereby announcing my formal opposition to this decline in American ideals and my resolve to continue to fight to restore integrity to a process cynically viewed as a justification for the win-­‐at-­‐all-­‐costs approach used by Mrs. Capps.

After careful examination of the facts, I have authorized my attorneys to file a lawsuit today against Representative Capps, her associates and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in Washington. They are responsible for maliciously, knowingly and improperly manipulating my digital image and audio message so as to distort and destroy the public’s accurate perception of my campaign and message and it’s positive support for my candidacy.

I call upon concerned citizens everywhere – whatever your political affiliation – to defend and affirm the Constitution and everyone’s right to freedom of speech. Join me in calling for Ms. Capps to do the only remaining honorable thing given the shameful conduct described here and immediately resign her Congressional seat.

Mrs. Capps’ astounding, deliberate, and blatant falsification of the truth renders her unacceptable as a public servant. Congress is an entity of and for the people. Its ideals are to be upheld and respected; not violated.

See for yourself.  This is Lois Capps’ ad:

And this is Mitchum’s (complete) statement:

Ann-Marie Murrell

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