Islamic Society Says: “Islam stands for freedom.”
From left to right, Hussam Ayloush dir of CAIR, Dr. Muzammil Siddiqi, and Salam the snake al-Marayati the head of MPAC. (Photo: Steve Amundson)

Our guest writer Steve Amundson, founder of the Counter Jihad Coalition, recently attended an Islamic Society of Orange County event titled “The Crisis of ISIS.” This is Steve’s non-taqiyya account of what he saw and heard.

On Friday January 9th, the Islamic Society of Orange County hosted an event titled “The Crisis of ISIS”. I couldn’t miss this event as it featured the taqiyya dream team. The team consisted of Dr. Muzammil Siddiqi, head of the Orange County mosque hosting the event, Hussam Ayloush director of CAIR Los Angeles and Salam al-Marayati president of the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC). Shaykha Muslema Purnul was also on the panel. In accordance with Shariah guidelines, women were seated on the right and men the left.

The panel lived up to their expertise in taqiyya. Taqiyya is the Arabic term meaning it is permissible to lie to non-Muslims if it is for the betterment of Islam. Prior to the start, I was assured by Dr. Siddiqi that I would have the opportunity to ask the panel questions.

Dr. Siddiqi started the event by reading the statement from the North American Shura Council on the attacks in Paris this week. Moving onto ISIS he stated that Islam condemns the killing of innocents (only Muslims are innocent in Islamic law) and the desecration of a corpse is forbidden. I had my first laugh when he claimed that calling for a caliphate (as ISIS has done) is forbidden without having a total consensus by Muslims. Right, like you are going to poll 1.6 billion Mohamedans (I mean Muslims)…

Hussam Ayloush spoke about the origin and progression of ISIS over the years. 1999 is when it was first started up in Iraq. In 2006 they declared themselves a state and moved into Syria during the revolution in 2011. They changed their name to ISIS in 2013 and I found it interesting he did not mention that they again changed it to IS, the Islamic State.

Salam started off by saying there are three important issues when it comes to ISIS. First: Islam stands for freedom. Really Salam? Islam literally means submission. Second: Islam stands for protecting life. Come on, Salam. Are you saying you reject the penalty of death for leaving Islam (Apostasy)? And lastly he said, “Islam brought human dignity to the world.” Seriously Salam, do you really think we are stupid enough to buy that?

My biggest laugh came when Ms. Purmul was offering all of her reasons for the violence by the Muslims. One of her reasons: Mental illness. Yes, like 1.6 billion sick people. Kidding aside, this is their latest reason for violence amongst Muslims, pure deception.

Then of course no Islamic event would be complete without time blaming Islamophobia for the negative perception people have about Islam. According to the panel, the two victims of Islamophobia are Muslims and the American public.

Fortunately, Muslims were by far the largest group in attendance so not many non-Muslims were exposed to the lies.

I could go on, but I think by now you have a good feel for the integrity of these Muslim leaders. Oh, by the way, my questions never got asked. Half way through the event they announced that questions had to be written down on cards which would be collected and passed on to the panelists. My card was not selected, so I emailed my questions to Dr. Siddiqi after the event. So far no response the the Muslim Brotherhood leader. Stay tuned.

Steve Amundson

Steve Amundson is the founder of the Counter Jihad Coalition which is a national activists group dedicated to educating the public on the facts and truth of Islam.

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