College: A Prison Students Pay For?

Is it possible that the college classroom experience stifles imagination and creativity? One former New York State Teacher of the Year thinks so—and even compares it to prison. In a video clip, John Taylor Gatto offers an alternative perspective to the notion that going into debt for a college degree is required for business success:

“Here’s the most radical thing I think I’ve ever had to say. The computer business is exclusively the work of school dropouts.

Bill Gates who demanded in effect that everyone be sent to college, himself dropped out of college his freshman year.

His Partner, his partner, Paul Allen who only has 10 or 12 billion is a drop out as well.

Steve Jobs is a drop out from Reed College. I think he only had a term but maybe he had two.

His partner Steve Wosniak is a dropout.

Michael Dell, you guessed it, a drop out.

Larry Ellison, the CEO of Oracle, a dropout.

Who the hell are these people to say we all need four more years in the lockup copying notes off the board?

Gatto says that it gets even more radical when examining the fast food business. Citing information obtained from the book Fast Food Nation, Gatto states in the following clip, “Every founder of every fast food franchise was either a high school drop out or an elementary school dropout. They don’t bother with college.”

Kathryn Porter

Kathryn Porter is a political watchdog who has served as an elected member of the Colorado GOP State Central Committee and the El Paso County Republican Party Executive Committee. As an illuminator of truth, she was banned as a guest of the 2016 Republican National Convention by then Colorado State Chairman. Following her banishment, she contested the entire 2016 delegation to hold the state party accountable for balloting errors, the disregard of bylaws, and numerous irregularities at the state convention. The 2016 RNC Credentials Committee granted her a convention pass, overruling the former chair's pronouncement. In an RNC report responding to the case she brought before the Committee on Contests, the Colorado Republican Committee was chastized for its "embarassing incompetentence."

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