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Day: January 8, 2015


On January 7, twelve people in Paris were murdered, and freedom of expression once again fell under attack. People worldwide responded to this act of barbarism with hashtags. I’m not usually a...

U.S. State Department Issues Warnings to Americans in Europe

U.S citizens living in Belgium received the following email warning from the US Regional Security Office in response to the terrorist attacks in Paris, France. “The tragic event on January 7 in...

Group Fighting Manhattan Beach School District Over Islamic Teaching

Steve Amundson is the founder of the Counter Jihad Coalition, a national activists group dedicated to educating the public on the facts and truth of Islam.  After learning that the Manhattan...

U.S. Immigration Policy & Exposure to Terror

Ann-Marie Murrell, hosting The Glazov Gang, interviews U.S. Immigration Policy and Exposure to Terror Michael Cutler (Former Senior INS Special Agent).