Top Monthly Stories of 2014

Wow, what a year.  Much like a Jack-in-the-Box, we were never quite sure what was going to pop out at us each month–and usually it wasn’t very good.

One of the most prominent stories that seems to be leading us into 2015 is based on the same thing the Obama administration has been using since 2008:  racial division.  Out of the tens of thousands of people who are killed in the world in 2014, the United States focused mainly on only two this year: Michael Brown and Eric Garner. Why? Because they were black men who were killed by white police officers. And yes, that is the gist of the entire story. If either had been killed by black police officers, they wouldn’t have mentioned at all in 2014.

As a wrap-up of 2013, we shared the ‘best of’ Daniel Greenfield’s articles from his daily blog, Sultan Knish.  For 2014,  we’re highlighting the top monthly stories from Greenfield’s daily column The Point on Front Page Magazine.

PolitiChicks.comJanuary 2014: Benghazi & “Look over there” Bridgegate

The beginning of the year featured the Senate Panel hearings on Benghazi.  They determined that, among other things, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton not only failed to secure the Benghazi Embassy but the attack could have been prevented.

Also in January was a NY Times hoax story written by David Kilpatrick claiming Al Qaeda wasn’t involved with Benghazi; the article was obviously trying to divert attention away from the mistakes made by the Obama administration.  By the way, a January study said the majority of Americans believe Obama lied about Benghazi.

Perhaps in an effort to divert attention away from all that nasty Benghazi stuff, Chris Christie suffered through Bridgegate, which the media gave more coverage to in one day–17 times, to be exact–than 6 months of “reporting” about the IRS targeting innocent civilians.

Funniest Headline of January:  Anti-fracking protesters glue themselves to the wrong gas station

PolitiChicks.comFebruary 2014: Global Warming Hoax Continues 

A Greenpeace co-founder testified in Congress that there was ‘no evidence of man-made global warming.’ Findings also showed that the majority of Americans don’t believe in man-made global warming.

Despite this, here are a few headlines:

Kerry Fights Global Warming by Jetting Around, Generating 12 Tons of co2
Obama Blames California Drought He Caused on Global Warming

Media says…(crickets).

Funniest Headline of February:  Obama’s Interior Secretary to Dying Eskimos: “I’ve Listened to Your Stories, Now I Have to Listen to the Animals.” 

PolitiChicks.comMarch 2014: Obama vs Putin and Obamacare Premiums Increase

There was a lot of posturing in March between Presidents Obama and Putin, and not surprisingly, the U.S. president took to Twitter to try to garner support. In one of his stranger moves, Obama sent Vice President Joe Biden to Poland to send a message to Putin. (Subtitle of that particular article, “Joe Biden turned to his weaker point. Logic.”)

A few of the Ukraine-based headlines:

Obama Says Ukraine Not a Zero-Sum Game; Putin Says Yes, It Is

Obama Says Putin Is Weak, Agrees to Let Him Conquer Ukraine

In other news, Obamacare premiums in March started increasing drastically, in some cases from 39% to 56%.

Funniest Headline of March: Lady Gaga’s Foundation Spent $5,000 on Charity, $150,000 on Philanthropic Consulting

KerryApril 2014:  Israel & Iran Talks, Kathleen Sebelius Resigns, and Obama’s Easter Message

In April John Kerry continued trying to broker deals with Israel and Iran; Secretary of Health Kathleen Sebelius resigned, and Obama praised Muslims in his Easter message. He said,

This time of year is a good time to remember the common thread of humanity that connects us all – not just Christians and Jews, but Muslims and Hindus and Sikhs – is our shared commitment to love our neighbors as we love ourselves.”

Funniest Headline of April: Something About Hillary Inspires People to Throw Shoes At Her

PolitiChicks.comMay 2014: VA Scandals, Resignation of Eric Shinseki & Jay Carney

Perhaps the most despicable story of the year was the uncovering of the deadly ‘waiting lists’ in the Veteran’s Administration. While Obama was making slashing cuts to all-things-military and the VA Union fought against allowing vets into private care, the VA was working hard to earn bonuses. Discoveries included that despite the VA running a surplus for 5 years, vets were ‘nickel and diming vets (literally) to death. While vets were waiting (and dying) to be treated, VA bosses spent $500 million on office furniture. It was discovered that even Gitmo terrorists got better medical care than American vets—no waiting time, no secret lists. Lots of housecleaning ensued soon after, first with Eric Shinseki, Secretary of Department of Veteran’s Affairs, and later, Press Secretary Jay Carney.

Funniest Headline of May: Saudis Protest Camel Kissing Ban by Kissing Camels

PolitiChicks.comJune 2014: Bowe Bergdahl Released, IRS Emails Magically Disappear & Hillary Clinton Was ‘Dead Broke’. Or not.

June was a busy month.  You’d think that the release of an American POW would be good news—but when the person released is a probable deserter, possible Islamic convert, and is exchanged for 5 confirmed Gitmo Islamic terrorists, not so much. One of the theories as to why the Obama administration negotiated with terrorists to bring Bowe Bergdahl home was as a precursor to closing Gitmo. The attacks against Bergdahl weren’t coming from the Right, they were coming from Vets.

Also in June, the IRS (led by Lois Lerner) announced that all their incriminating e-mails had gone missing. Disappeared. They all somehow went ‘poof’ and as a result, all the hard drives were destroyed. (Even typing this is difficult…)

PolitiChicks.comAnd finally, Hillary Clinton tried to relate to ‘the folks’ by claiming that she and Bill were ‘dead broke’ when they left the White House. Of course, her $100 million bank account told a different story, and she had to immediately start back-pedaling so as not to appear to be the uber-wealthy liberal she actually is. And to prove June simply wasn’t Hillary’s month, tapes were released in which she was caught laughing and joking about a former 12-year old rape victim.

By the way, more facts were revealed about the depths of the VA scandal in June. 1,000 vets possibly died while on waiting lists including a retired Navy serviceman who died of bladder cancer after being put on a 7-month waiting list after blood was found in his urine. He finally received an appointment a week after his death. The VA also tried to hide how many deaths had occurred by ‘raising the dead’ for statistical purposes.

Funniest Headline of June: Iranian Cleric Accuses Israel of Spying on it with Genies

PolitiChicks.comJuly 2014: Hamas & Tunnels in Gaza, Massive Illegal Migration into Border States

At the beginning of July, John Kerry was trying and failing to broker (another) deal with Gaza. Meanwhile Hamas rockets were found in schools, used ambulances filled with children as human shields, and ‘terror tunnels’ were discovered in a plot to massacre thousands of Israelis.

Here in America, bus and planeloads full of illegals from Central America and other countries invaded U.S. towns and cities without warning. Citizens in Murrietta, California formed protests and successfully (for now) diverted buses, but ultimately 10s of thousands of illegals are now here—somewhere–in America. It was discovered in July that 65% of alien minors were getting amnesty without ever seeing a judge.

Funniest Headline of July: We Never Tried to Impeach Bush, Says Dumbest Democrat in Congress Who Tried to Impeach Bush

PolitiChicks.comAugust 2014: ISIS beheads American James Foley, Ferguson Burns

In Ferguson, Missouri, a 19-year old man named Michael Brown knocked over a liquor store and was subsequently shot by the police. Riots happened soon after, with many other thugs knocking over various stores, burning things, and generally going insane.

The Islamic State In Syria (aks ISIS) became the world’s top story in August when American journalist James Foley was beheaded on video. Despite that, Obama continued to dismiss ISIS as a ‘JV team’ and seemed to simply wish ISIS away rather than actually do something substantial. In fact, Obama was on the golf course when he heard of the beheading. PR for the prez said, “The golf game did not reflect the depth of his grief over Mr. Foley.”

Rape Jihad was also brought to the public’s attention with thousands of non-Muslim women and children (both girls and boys) being sold at auction as sex slaves. The mainstream media neglected to report this horrible (and ongoing) story, of course.

Funniest Headline of August: Hamas Bomb Expert Who Accidentally Blew Up Hamas Bomb Squad Liked to Jump Up and Down on Bombs

PolitiChicks.comSeptember 2014: ISIS Grows, American Steven Sotloff beheaded, Oklahoma Islamic Beheading 

ISIS continued to rage throughout the Middle East and beheaded another American, Steven Sotloff, again on video. ISIS also became a large presence on social media and perhaps influenced an Islamic convert who beheaded one of his coworkers in a small town in Oklahoma. Before the blood had dried on his knife, the media had deemed his crime (you guessed it) ‘workplace violence’.

Funniest Headline of September: ISIS Launches New Push to Put Pants on Goats

PolitiChicks.comOctober 2014: All Ebola All the Time

Ebola, aka ‘Government-Mandated Hysteria,’ was in the news a lot in October.   Was it an actual crisis, or a diversion for actual crises? Considering Obama’s ‘Ebola Czar’ had no medical background, perhaps it was the latter.

Funniest Headline of October: Neil Young: Al Qaeda More Moral Than US Army Because of Smaller Carbon Footprint

Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 4.42.43 PMNovember 2014: GOP Sweeps Elections, Threats of Amnesty & Ferguson Verdict & Riots Pt. 2

After winning back both the House and the Senate, Debbie Wasserman Schultz proclaimed that the reason the American people voted against them was because they believe in us

Soon after the GOP won back both the House and the Senate, Barack Obama stirred up all kinds of hornet’s nests by threating blanket amnesty for illegals across the land. One problem (out of many), Obama’s illegal alien amnesty will cancel out every job created under his administration. Oops. Another theory about Obama’s amnesty talks is that they happened soon after Jonathan Gruber called the American public ‘stupid’ for falling for Obamacare. Perhaps another diversion? Again, oops.

PolitiChicks.comAfter the Ferguson, Missouri verdict was read—vindicating police officer—rioters were poised and ready to go. And go they did, rioting, robbing, and looting and once again setting things on fire. Of course they were led by race baiters like the NAACP saying things like ‘Burn this b***h down’—which they were quick to proclaim wasn’t a call for violence. And Al Sharpton, desperately trying to revive his civil rights days, calling for protesters to ‘stay on course.’

Funniest Headline of November: Working Class White People Like Ebola More Than Obama

PolitiChicks.comDecember 2014: 1 Black Man Dies, Cuba Gets 2nd Chance, 2 NYPD Officers Executed, Anti-Police Protesting Continues, and Hillary 2016: Will She or Won’t She?

We’re not sure how much more of 2014 we can take, and December proved to be one of the most newsworthy of all.

The new ‘Hands Up’ chant was replaced with “I can’t breathe!”  after the chokehold death of Eric Garner by a police officer in New York.  This gave cause for more community upheaval and, ultimately, the execution/retaliation of two NYPD officers.  Protests escalated across the U.S., and calls for the murder of police officers were prevalent throughout social media.  Stoking the fires was the NY Times writing, ‘Let the fires burn until every city is on its knees.’

In other news, Cuba brushed off her cobwebs and became front page headlines.  Partially because of Obama’s generosity to terrorists, totalitarianism, communism and such, Cuba is possibly getting a 2nd chance at American love.

And it looks like we’re ending the year where we began, with Hillary Clinton as she continues her almost flirty ‘maybe I will, maybe I won’t’ posturing for president.  Daniel Greenfield has covered basically everything Hillary Clinton has done throughout the year, including his December 15 offering, ‘Hillary Wants to be President, She Just Doesn’t Want to Run.’  So will she or won’t she?  Will her standing as a grandmother be a hindrance or a help?

Finally, Front Page Magazine chose their Person of the Year to be the American Police Officer. Greenfield writes,

Under Obama, when the criminal is king and the progressive planners are changing the country in ways unprecedented since the seventies, it’s still the lonely figure in the squad car that does his duty and holds the line in a thousand dark and dirty neighborhoods where gunshots and screams sound in the night. The American police officer has become the soldier of civilization fighting to keep it alive.

And somewhere a family wonders if their father or mother will come home tonight.

Happy New Year, friends of PolitiChicks.  We truly wish you and yours the very best, and we wish the same for America in 2015.

Ann-Marie Murrell

Ann-Marie Murrell is one of the creators of PolitiChicks and co-owns the site with Morgan Brittany. Ann-Marie is co-author of two bestselling books, “What Women (Really) Want” and "PolitiChicks: A Clarion Call to Political Activism". She has appeared on dozens of television shows including Fox & Friends, CNN, Hannity, the Dr. Phil Show, Huckabee, Lou Dobbs, C-SPAN, One America News, Stuart Varney & Company, Newsmax, MSNBC, and more. In addition to PolitiChicks, Ann-Marie has written for multiple other news sites. You can find Ann-Marie Murrell on Facebook and Twitter: @PolitichickAM E-mail: [email protected]

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