Old Folks Anthem: 76 Bad Bones (sung to the tune of ’76 Trombones’)


By Lou Ellen Brown

76 bad bones make me walk this way
76 bad bones make me cry.
I just go on and on
With a whimper and a moan
As I try to stagger through the day!

76 bad bones take my breath away
76 bad bones slow me down.
Though I wear a sunny smile
I am faking all the while
But I try not to whimper every day!

76 bad bones will not conquer me
76 bad bones will not win.
Every morning I arise
It’s a really great surprise
And I face the challenge with a grin.

76 bad bones make me walk this way
76 bad bones aren’t so bad.
I am really going strong
With a shuffle and a song
And any other choice would be wrong.

76 bad bones help me through the day
76 bad bones could be worse.
I’ll just take it as I must
Till these bones turn into dust
I would never have it any other way.

Lou Ellen Brown

Lou Ellen is a 4th generation Texan. She taught high school 43 years in all 5 geographic regions of Texas. She is a Certified Lay Minister in the Methodist Church, and has strong ties to The US Constitution and The Bill of Rights and those rights are not negotiable. Lou Ellen taught secondary, 7th-12th grade, and some freshman college level classes in Texas schools, including English, Spanish, Speech, Theater and Civics. She was also girls' basketball one year. She says she intended to be a writer, "and my half-novel is still waiting, as is my book of poetry." Lou Ellen is very active in her community and recently completed her second term as president of the Sesame Literary Club. She is retired and participates in the Texas Retired Teacher Association, and teaches an adult class in the First United Methodist Church of Hughes Springs. Lou Ellen and her husband, Gene, attended a Tea Party bus stop rally where they were thrilled to meet and get a photo with Lloyd Marcus. "We are Republicans of the old fashioned variety," Lou Ellen says.

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