Christmas Gift Ideas For the Athletic Gal on Your List

I wonder if all men really are alike in that they wait until the last minute to purchase that perfect Christmas gift for their sweetheart. With Christmas right around the corner my sweet loving man seems to be struggling a bit with what to “surprise” me with this gift giving season. Now don’t get me wrong, we stress that there is more joy in giving than receiving but I would be lying to you if I said I didn’t love to receive also!

So in an effort to make things a little less stressful this Christmas I put this little list together to help him out. Actually this list is for all the athletic babes out there that need to help out their men a little bit, just a little.

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PolitiChicks.comI’ve stuck to the basics and functionality; not going overboard or being too lavish, I feel we covered all our bases.

  1. Lululemon running shorts. My friend Jessica sports these bad boys like nobody’s business! These shorts are both comfy and cute, but not too short, so you don’t have to worry about showing too much off.
  2. A spin off the classic hoodie. Perfect for the winter months and great when coupled with some stylish leggings.
  3. Stylish leggings. Whatever your preference, there’s no denying that the right fitting legging can carry you from the gym to the grocery store and on to pick up the kids after school. I think every mom should have a killer pair of these. There are even ones with built in pockets that make it convenient to hold your phone/tunes.
  4. Who can function without great beats? Who?? Not I! Nothing compares to quality sounding music to get you through your workout session.
  5. Fit Bit Flex AND the Tory Burch bracelet. Now please bare with me just one moment while I make my case. These fitbits are a great tool that helps keep one accountable throughout the day, keeping you on track to meet your daily goals. However, sometimes a girl needs a little glamour, hence the Tory Burch bracelet. Sometimes friends, functionality needs a little facelift.
  6. If you’ve been toting your gym bag since high school, perhaps it’s time to get a fresh one- Just saying.
  7. Ladies, if you’ve been working out at home to Zumba and have never picked up a weight before this is a must for you this year. All you need is 3-5 pound weights to improve muscle tone. Give it a try; you’ve only got fat to loose!
  8. Every once and a while a girl needs a year’s subscription to her favorite fitness magazine. They are great for motivation, education and make great bathroom reads!
  9. Another awesome investment is in personal development. A strong and healthy mind and heart must precede a strong body. This yearly event is top notch, which I highly recommend.
  10. Fun T-shirts are great to give and receive. They are great conversation starters and light hearted! Buy 2 and give one to your workout buddy!
  11. Momma needs a new pair of shoes! Where you run, walk, do yoga or dance, a new fun pair of shoes is on EVERY woman’s list!
  12. A comfy, stylish and sexy sports bra is a must. Even if it’s hiding beneath layers of clothes only you and your honey will ever see, it’s fun to be stylish.
  13. Sound nutrition is 80 percent of the battle when it comes to getting fit and healthy. That body we all desire is made in the kitchen. So many of us are living a fast paced life; making it extremely difficult to keep up the demands of healthy eating. Super nutrition is possible, even in today’s hectic lifestyle. What mom or working woman wouldn’t want an easy alternative to the junk food options out there?

Delia Michelle

California PolitiChick Delia Michelle shares her secrets to living a Strong Confident Life with the Politichick audience in her quick and easy to read articles that are sure to leave you inspired and encouraged. Delia is a dedicated home-schooling mother, wife to her high school sweetheart and lover of God and country. With a love for people, she shares tools and solutions that will surely equip you to walk empowered and purposefully. Fitness instructor, nutrition and health coach, business owner, mentor and writer; Delia and her husband are dedicated to reaching a world that is looking for hope. Visit her on Facebook and Hello_DeliaMichelle

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