CA Teacher Takes on the Teacher’s Union

PolitiChicks.comRebecca Friedrichs, a teacher in California, is leading the fight against the California Teachers Association (CTA), arguably one of the most powerful unions in the state. Friedrichs is one of nine teachers suing the CTA, saying union dues have violated their First Amendment rights.

“The rights of millions of teachers have been obliterated for decades,” said Friedrichs. “In 26 states, teachers are forced, as condition of employment, to pay fees to unions, even when we disagree with their policies, both inside and outside of the classroom.”

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While the case, Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association, was recently seen as a defeat in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, the case could eventually go to the Supreme Court sometime in 2015.

“If the Supreme Court does the right thing and sides with liberty, the unions will still be able to make their voices heard in the political arena, but they will no longer be able to force dissenting employees to associate with or pay for union speech,” said Friedriches. “Forced unionism has resulted in the unintended consequences of forced speech and forced association with unions for millions of workers against our wills.”

According to Friedrichs, she won’t seek reimbursement for past dues she was forced to pay to the CTA. Instead, she would be happy knowing freedom has been restored and Americans would be able to make their own decisions.

“We desire for all Americans, whether they’re public sector employees or private sector employees, to be able to decide for themselves, without fear or coercion, whether or not to join or fund a union. We believe that unions should have the freedom to represent those employees that choose to hire unions; we would never seek to destroy the freedoms of others; that’s un-American.  The only precedent we hope to set is a restoration of the liberty of all Americans,” said Friedrichs.

As a Californian, I hope the Supreme Court takes up Friedrichs case. I’ve seen how powerful the CTA is, especially when it comes to tenure and teachers rights. Teachers have more protection than the students. It’s almost impossible to fire an ineffective teacher, even if their students are struggling. The reason for that? CTA forces teachers to pay into this union and then uses their money to lobby the state legislature to protect teachers who don’t deserve it.

It’s time to remove this part of the bureaucracy. It won’t abolish the union or their clout, but it will diminish the amount of money they have to play in political campaigns. This could be a huge stepping-stone for minimizing just how powerful unions can and should be.

Good luck to you, Ms. Friedrichs! This Californian is behind you 100%!

Beth Baumann

Beth Baumann is a California native, who grew up with an interest in politics from a young age. Beth attended Northern Arizona University, where she was a member of the NAU Conservatives, an activist organization dedicating to spreading conservative ideals. She also founded the NAU chapter of Young Americans for Liberty, took part in the Flagstaff Smart Girl Politics chapter and helped a local conservative run for Flagstaff City Council. Beth has received national attention due to the First Amendment restrictions on her college campus. She defended her Freedom of Speech when she was ridiculed for handing out flags in remembrance of 9/11. Although she faced misconduct charges, up to and including expulsion, she stood by her Constitutional rights and beliefs. With the help of the Leadership Institute and the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), she was eventually exonerated of all charges. During her tenure, she was copy editor for the newspaper, marketing director and film festival director for the campus TV station, and news correspondent for political talk radio. Beth was the Communications Assistant at The American Conservative Union, where she helped with planning and executing different aspects of CPAC 2014, including social media, media strategy and crisis management. Beth works at a well established public relations firm in Southern California. Her work has been featured in The Daily Caller, The Washington Times, World Net Daily and Human Events. Follow Beth on Twitter: @eb454

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