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Day: December 24, 2014

Don’t Get Defensive This Christmas

Countless traditions have been created around the Christmas holiday but ultimately, presents, decorations, food and Santa aside, Christmas is a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. It’s...

This Jew says, “Step Away From My Christmas Tree!”

Anita Gunn, who is Jewish, declares, "Don't tread on my Christmas tree!"

A Good Samaritan Story to Warm the Heart for the Holidays

During the height of the holiday season hustle-and-bustle, the last thing that any busy mom wants to hear is the proverbial knock from Murphy (those who follow Dave Ramsey know what I’m talking...

Leftist Family Values Schizophrenia: Thanksgiving vs. Christmas

Every Thanksgiving, Leftists magically become champions of Family Values, of the importance of spending time at home with family rather than at work. The weeks preceding Thanksgiving see...